Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joys ???

23 weeks and still the morning sickness hits me at the most GRANDEST times!!! Walking the dogs (that’s great … walking 2 very stubborn dogs and tryin to hurry out of the sight of three homes early in the morning ….), in the shower (I guess that’s a decent place), having to speed across the Dames Ponte bridge to make it to the shoulder of the HWY (thank goodness I could talk my way out of a ticket if need be hahaa) …

Heartburn is still amazingly sticking around (totally not enough ice cream or zantac to keep this crap away), the back aches have calmed some – but now the charlie horses have arrived!! Not only have those things arrived but the emotional outbursts have hit!!!

On Saturday morning (12-12) I was packing my car for work, walked out the garage shut the door and freakin realized I left my keys in the house, went back to get them – house was locked. AWESOME! So I walk out the garage into the rain (we were having our Christmas party at work so I actually put on makeup and did my hair) around to front door rang the door bell for Billy to come open the door – I can hear both dogs in our bedroom going banananas …… but no Billy. I rang that sucker for 15 mins, banging on the door and then begin to cry. Praying my neighbors didn’t see or hear what was going on!!! SOOOO I went around IN THE RAIN to our bedroom window and banged on it (again praying about the neighbor situation but also that Billy wouldn’t shoot me) for a good 10 mins still nothing. So apparently he had A LOT of fun at his squad party the night before and he wasn’t waking up. FINALLY he I hear “WHAT” I yelled (if you can while crying) go open the garage door. “OK” … off to the garage door I go to wait. I hear him scuffling around then I hear our secretly alarm start to blare. Yep – he opened the sliding door in back where he thought I would be – makes sense but if the stupid alarm is on – that door cannot be open without AWE setting if off. SOOO … now I’m crying, soaking wet, alarm blaring, dogs going insane, Billy’s standing in the middle of the living room with shorts on just grinning and trying not to laugh. The lady comes over the speaker ask if all is ok and I know I sounded so rude but I yelled at her “FINE – my husband locked me out of the house!!!” He just grinned, hugged me and went back to bed!!!

Awesome start to that day!!

Sunday - we went to the Jags v Dolphins game – all was great that whole day – I was happy, excited, complained a tad about the heat and having to pee so much. Got home – and EVERYTHING annoyed the crap out of me. Billy knows the he can push my buttons and he does it so well just to be BILLY. I had enough and he did one last thing and I just busted into tears, ran to the bedroom (well ok not really ran but waddled really fast) and slammed the door. He comes in a good 10 mins later ( I guess he knew to be safe) and tries his best to console me but is laughing the entire time. Didn’t help me. OHHH Finally I calm myself and the night goes better. Monday – I am refilling my pill box (yea like the ones that are in the geritol section haha sorry Mom) and I didn’t close the lids and just flipped all the pills everywhere. I started to cry. Billy comes over and is putting them all back and I just KNOW he is grinning, I can feel it and I look over and yep he is grinning from ear to ear. I just walked off.

I pulled out one of my MANY baby books and read him the section on being supportive with the emotions of a pregnant woman. He just laughed!! He knows I was a roller coaster BEFORE the pregnancy – he isn’t all that worried now ha!!

At the doctor’s office the nurse tells me I’ve gained 7lbs – I just kinda sulked and sat down and she snickered and I looked at her and she straightens her face and said “it’s ok –normally you gain between 12-15 lbs right now in this stage” I asked her if that was suppose to make me feel better. She didn’t find that funny. The doc appt was great!! Lil Landon is growing at a great rate, healthy, heartbeat is super strong and he is now kicking (moving around whatever) more and I LOVE IT!!!

So that is my vent for the week with the pregnancy. All that and those who are also pregnant telling me all their JOYS of pregnancy - puke - I try to be excited but wow, it's hard when I haven't had a good go at it so far (tests, tests, tests). OK so that was a bit "childish". I swear if one more person tells me – “OH YOU WILL MISS BEING PREGNANT” – I will hit them. And I do mean that.

Friday, December 11, 2009

17 weeks to go, Work, Family ....

Tomorrow hits the 23rd week of pregzilla. Yea – I think I have reached this point many times over the past few weeks. Along with still being sick, back aches, peeing more and more, possible bladder infection … my patience is non-existent. When people tell me “you will miss being pregnant” I want to slap them. My annoyance level (well we all know how fast I can fly off the handle anyways) is insane! Just a smart look from one of my students’ throws me into this fiery death stare that I think scares them into shutting up and sitting down. Why do I work with high school students? :-)

Each week I call my mom and apologize for SOMETHING that I did as a teen!! I need to write a book! HA. I work with some great kiddos – they can push me all over the place with their attitudes and make me wanna lay hands on them and we have had many COME TO JESUS talks!! But I love it! To be ask for a letter of recommendation, receive a prom picture, receive a senior picture, receive a graduation invitation – totally makes all the headaches worth it!! I have some “rough-edge” students who have been thru more than some adults or other teens will have SEE. Homelessness, parents passing away, parents in jail, abuse, working jobs so they can support their 3 siblings … I could go on. Deep down some of these kids just want acceptance, love and respect from an adult. I just hope I can give them a bit of that!! They are students who the schools are slowly letting slip thru the cracks and that really upsets me. These are great students who need that extra push!!! NEEDLESS to say – with the entire political BS that comes with my job – I do love working with these students!!!!

It’s hard to relate to them at times – I do know that growing up I went without things I WANTED never anything I needed and my parents made sure that me and my sister (even friends and family who needed the help) got the necessities!! Talk about feeling like crap sometimes looking back and being so angry with my parents for not letting me go skating that weekend! My folks still work hard for everything they have and want – they are definitely the parents I strive to be!! They went without a lot so that Jay and I could have things we WANTED! And good lord they still do! My dad says he’ll work till Jesus comes … haha!!! I can’t believe I am nearly 5 months and my mom hasn’t seen me pregnant!!! The week we go home I’ll be a week shy of that 5 month mark and wow – I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for my mom to get to see me. It’s been hard living this far from them (driving distance like 17 hours) to begin with – but now – whew it’s super hard. It’s hard to anyways with no family around (ok no blood family – we have made such wonderful friends here who I consider family that have been wonderful to us thru A LOT and they mean the world to us) to go thru “things” and then holidays not having them around. HOWEVER – the fun of going home or having them come down – WOW! I love it!!!

Billy is just head over heels for his job!! It’s so amazing to see him so happy in his career!! He’s making great contacts and is making a name for himself. The jokester being one, but he is so respected by higher ups and the veteran guys he works with have so much respect for him and compliment him all the time on how he is doing so great with what experience he has!! GOTTA BRAG ON MY BOO haha!! He has worked SO very hard for this and has sacrificed a lot and I’m so freakin proud of him!! He has more than just patrolman in goal and I know he will reach it soon!!!!

The weather here hasn’t been very Christmas friendly!! One day it’s 80 next its 75 next its 65 then 80 again! I told Billy I need to spray some fake snow or ice on the house!!! So I’m praying it’s like in the 30s when go home! HAHA Course Billy loves this shorts/tee weather in December!! Drives me nuts!

Hope you all are doing well and that we get to visit with some of you when we head back home in a few days!! If not – possibly on the trip we make back in January :-)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A little baby boy, to fill our lives and hearts with joy.

YEP!! We are having a boy! Landon Thomas Wesley Abbott. So to give ya the story behind the name, well I dunno about STORY but why we choose those names. Billy really likes Landon and that was his first choice – and it really has grown on me! Thomas is my Mom’s Dad’s name and Wesley is my Dad’s middle name.

Aunt Jayme and Aunt Julie have both made the comments – “are you going to call him L.T.” hahaha!! Cracked me up!! We will call him Landon, nicknames NICE ones are welcome haha!!

We are super excited – pretty much still floating thru the clouds today – and ready to meet our little fella!!

Me at 19 weeks and 2 days - gotta show off the bump :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Room Painted

17 weeks … WHEW!!! It was awesome to hit the 4 month mark!! I’m so giddy!! HA!! In 17 days we should know the sex – that is if Baby Turnip (fruit/veggie of the week) isn’t shy :)

Billy painted the room this week! YAY!! Isn’t he a great daddy!!!

Our friends gave us the bassinet! Super cute eh :)

Baby Abbott's Unk Josh, Aunt Julie and Cousin Jackman gave us quite a bit of stuff! Included was some awesome Razorback Gear :) VERY Happy about this! :)

Heartburn has set in! Never had this crap in my life - thought I needed to go to the doctor :) HA!! Tums aren't really helping to much!! So gotta try some new stuff! YAY!! Back is not as achy as it was!! HOWEVER - those who said "ohhh the sickness should go away after your 12th week" - YOU WERE WRONG :). OHHH this stuff has gotten worse! So not fun!! This past week each morning has been UGH and add recruiting on there at high schools in hot classrooms with 37 kids ... blah! Joys of pregnancy - Julie says one day I'll miss being pregnant - I dunno Julie ... I dunno. :)

Thursday I had a SPARK of energy and Billy was never happier to see me cleaning, doing laundry, FOLDING LAUNDRY, PUTTING LAUNDRY AWAY ... we even re-arranged living room (well he did most of that HA) ... Billy has been the greatest! He knows how tired and exhausted I am and he doesn't yell at me about not cleaning - granted I didn't do all that much before all this (I'm sooo not a good house wife) - but he has been very understanding!! And bless his heart - he will cook big dinners and I reallllly want it and then take a bite and NOPE ... can't stand it!!! I can tell he gets kinda flustered with that! HA ... I do feel bad about it but man - some of that food YUCK! And what's crazy ... I reallllly like that food!!!! Who doesn't love grilled ny strip steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob ....... ohhhhh whoa is me.

We are super ready for our Christmas trip back home! I could pack today! I have been so very homesick here lately! We joined a church here in town and I almosted balled the other Sunday - I sure miss hearing my mom playing the piano, my sister singing and my dad tapping his foot!! I miss being able to go 20 mins down the road to Ma's house for some GREAT HOME COOKING!! I think when baby gets here it'll be a requirement for the Mom's, Grandmother and baby's Aunts to spend at least 2 months with us :)

Whew - ok getting a bit emotional so I better stop!!! More pics to come ....

Love you all

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

15 weeks and counting ...

Baby Apple bump at 15 weeks!

From sick to everyday to sick once or twice a week --- I LOVE IT!! Hit the 15th week mark on Saturday October17th. On Monday October 19th we had a doctors appointment and doc could not find the heartbeat - mild freak out - so we did an ultrasound! So got more pics of our baby apple! Heartbeat was beating strong - doc said she felt a kick when holding the ultrasound thingy :). I can't wait to start feeling baby move!! On Nov. 16th we go back and we should find out the sex (if baby is not shy!!). Super excited about this!!
Back is still achy, got some meds for this YAY! Hopefully they will work! God bless Billy for rubbing my back down with biofreeze constantly!! I always smell like a nursing home, so one of my students told me! AWE ... they are the best. Got a few more maternity pants - yikes!! Lost pounds but my BUMP :) is getting a bit too big for my liking at this early stage :) HA!!!

On Saturday the 17th Billy and I were able to go to the Arkansas Florida game - wow what a game and wow what a crappy job the refs did. I don't say this because we lost - because wow we held them freakin Gators amazingly! But there are photos going around from the game that make me wonder about the job the refs did! Here are the pics I'm talking about:


EH - it was a great game regardless!! Billy and I got our tickets from some friends of friends and we sat in the midst of Gators! We did meet a dude from Dequeen and chics from LR! Always fun to find those folks and talk randomly!!!

It was a great weekend with great friends, good food and football :) This coming week is super busy for us! I have recruitment at schools, college tours and a long work day on Saturday! Billy is working till Sunday! We are definitely ready for our Christmas trip home :) Vacation in need!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

14 weeks and counting ....

14 weeks today! YAY!! This past week has been a challenge. I go out to high schools here in Jacksonville (for my job) and do receruimtnet for new kiddos for the program! Went out to Lee High School and OH MY GOSH! I don’t think that school has A/C in the halls and it has been in the 90s here – needless to say my hair and makeup did not look the same by the time I arrived at the school.

All of the classes I went into were on the 2nd floor (thank you LAUD not the 3rd). One class I had to ask for a chair! HA … so winded I could barley finish a sentence, sweating so bad and drinking water nonstop (which isn’t great because I talk to them for about 20-25 mins BEFORE I can leave to go peeeeeeeee). One kid even told me I looked “exhausted and your neck is red”. Oh I how I love freshmen. Left one class went to the bathroom threw up and back to the next class I go! Hair is now kinky and being put into a ponytail and makeup is now completely off – so I look pale and icky! I dunno where people think you GLOW when pregnant – your sweat glistens – maybe that is where it’s from.

I hate most meats now. Which sucks – because Billy can make some amazing New York strips for me and I just do not have the stomach for them at this moment in time. I’ll eat the hell out of some grilled hot dogs tho!! There are some foods that I truly love that now I just can’t stomach the smell of them … so sad.

Wednesday afternoon Billy and I were able to go to the beach again and wow … I have never seen so many FISH at one time just swimming by … schools I guess they are called … so freakin cool to see just 100s of them come up with the waves!! I think Billy is making me a beach bum for sure!! I could have stayed out there all afternoon. But I am ready for some cooler weather. I NEED IT!!!! It would be an amazing “thing” if it were snowy for Christmas when we go home :) … ohhhhhhh dreaming.

… 5ish weeks till we find out if Baby Abbott is a girl or boy :) … the name game has begun!! We will take suggestions :) haha

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So my awesome brother-n-law Josh suggested I try to do some writing each week on progress of this pregnancy or the effects it is having on my Goddess of a body! We shall see how long I can keep this up!!

So vainly I am upset that I lost 20lbs (20 hard ass pounds to lose) over the summer only to find out I was pregnant. I’m not bitter – granted I know that sounds like I am – but I’m not!
So here it is week 13 and I have put on 5 pounds (HECK YES NOT BAD) and Billy just knows he is going to gain more weight than me. He is losing weight!!! His uniform is kinda baggy on him, so I think he should start eating some more. We are eating for 2 now!!

Again – its only 13 weeks that means like 27 more to go and I’m already complaining too much (so I think). I keep getting told that “it’s ok” “you have that right” “milk it” … so maybe I’m not.

· I pee constantly, hiccups are crazy (hiccups I know), I can’t seem to burp and that hurts, all chairs are uncomfy too me (accept the couch laying down), seems like EVERY maternity shirt I have found have some sort of sash, bow, tie that ties in the back. So, while I am trying to get comfortable in the uncomfy chair, I have this knot that is poking into me as well, my underwear is starting to roll down (AGAIN ITS ONLY 13 WEEKS!!!!!!), my favorite foods here lately make me wanna gag when I even catch a whiff of them, certain smells send me running to the bathroom, getting told “wow you look so horribly tired” … awe yes thanks, not being able to get off the couch and walk to the fridge without losing my breath and sweating ….

I’ll stop for now!! Again I’m not bitter about being pregnant … I mean this is all new to me, but it sucks royally!! AND THEN AGAIN it’s cool at times and kinda scary. Scary to know that this lil person is sucking the life out of you now, what will it be like when they get here!! No sleep is what I have been told!!

What’s fun tho (I guess fun is the term) is that I have two close friends, Kate and Mary, who are both pregnant as well and we can all go thru this together!!

I’ll see how long I can complain/rejoice in this progress …..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

13 weeks and 1 day!!

A whole week went by without any sickness! So wonderful - then Saturday (10-3) it creeeeeped up on me!! Hopefully just a once a week thing will happen, I can totally handle that!! RIGHT?!? I think Billy is super tired of me wanting to take pictures of him too!! So we are praying that November 13th we are able to find out if baby Abbott is a chico or chica!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

It's been a great week! Billy's been able to take a few days off here and there and that makes my week go by easier when he is home a tad more to keep me company! We had a house full of friends yesterday and it was grand! FOOTBALL season is everywhere!! Gators, Noles and Hogs all cheering together!! HAHA!! We have some awesome friends here!

And these awesome friends are going thru some hard times right now. A g/f is going thru some very personal times with her mother right now and it’s so very hard to hear her speak of it and just feel that you cannot do a single thing to help or take her pain! Her mother has been struggling with cancer for some time now and it is now, sadly, taking much more of her. She will most likely loose her arm. Looking into the situation loosing an arm versus your life seems easier to handle. Put my feet in her shoes (semi) I have no idea how I would feel. NOW - there is a doctor that would like "Mom" to come in for some more tests to see if there is any way possible to save her arm and do other surgeries. But she is very tired of the hospitals, visits, tests, medications, chemo ... I can’t begin to imagine. BUT my friend is determined to get her mom to this appointment if she has to drag her there!!! BOTTOMLINE – Ms. S needs your prayers! So does my friend – these are two very strong, stubborn :), caring women.

My dad is doing much better! He is back at work on full duty!! I know he is happy to be up and around and not lying in the hospital! He’s a not a very patient PATIENT! HA … I don’t think I can blame him tho – hospitals are no fun!! Course he did have NURSE WIFE to take good care of him (and wow was he spoiled). I’m glad mom is getting some rest too!!

MORE BABY NEWS :) (are you tired of it yet??!?!?!) Billy’s cousins Jason and his wife Gina are due in February and they have found out they are having a baby girl!! Sooooo very excited for them!! And so many other friends of mine are pregnant!! Mary, Kate, Donna, Skye, Mika and Courtney!! It’s awesome!!!

Well – I must get to cleaning up the kitchen! I actually COOKED today! Chicken Alfredo and Garlic Bread (so that just required throwing in the oven butttt).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nearly 13 weeks ... only 27ish to go

Hitting the 12 week (Saturday the 26th) mark was awesome!! And I pray I don't jinx myself for this, but no more icky feelings!! I still get some WHOA times – but not all day waves of nausea!!

Billy has been on the streets solo now for 2 months! Yay!! He has some insane stories to tell – but he loves his job very much! This makes me happy!!! It’s great to see him love what he does and just to know how hard he worked for it overcoming a lot the year prior … I’m proud!! (I’m not sure if I tell him this enough).

In 6 weeks (or 7 depending on my appt at doc) we should know if Baby Abbott is a chica or chico!!! This is super exciting and I’m insane with anxiousness!!!!!!! So is Billy, both grandmas, grandpa, aunts … ohhhh just to giddy I think!!! **Sorry if it’s annoying haha**

The pictures were taken at 12 weeks 3 days! We will start taking pictures of Billy at the same time too! Can’t leave Papi out!!!

We got to hear Baby Abbott's heart beat on Sept. 18th! It was amazing!!!!! Billy's face was priceless!! It was just soooo neat to hear this lil plum's heart beating ... wow ... that was the day it hit me hard that YEP YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving is around the corner then Christmas – which means YAY we are going home!!! First time Billy has been back home in 2 years!! He is very excited for Mimi’s cooking!!! Hopefully we will be able to meet up with friends during that time too!!

Hope all is going well for everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Wellllll --- July 30th was a huge life changing day! All 5 (yes 5) pregnancy tests said PREGNANT!! Wednesday the following week the doctor confirmed!! We are due April 10th 2010 with our first child!! Billy is so very excited and nervous life myself!! My mother is on cloud 9 and my dad has let it finally sink it and is super excited! My sister will be an Aunt for the first time and she is totally insane crazy excited with everything!! Billy's mom is ready to welcome grandchild number 2, his sister has been wonderful with all the questions I throw at her and she is super excited about becoming an Aunt (again). Needless to say and I think I can say this with great confidence - everyone is pretty excited that is in our lives!!

**Billy wants a girl so that he has someone to spoil (I assume he meant someone other than me hahaha)

I have been kinda sick – comes and goes!! Eating EVERYTHING I see! Billy has told me he’d really like to NOT gain too much weight during this! He tends to eat just about every time I do! HAHA

Billy loves his job!! He is in a busy zone and his watch is 6p to 6a. I am not a fan of his work time, but it’s just a bump! He works with some great guys and he hasn’t had any major issues with dealing with people!!

My Saturday Sessions started back up today! OHHH and what a craptastic day it was!! 5 boys get off the bus fighting – get off the bus!! Ohh I tell ya! Then continued to fight here and there throughout the day until time to go when the fight got big in the parking lot and one got shoved into my car. I was the only STAFF member out there so I tried to semi get in between them without getting in the fight – wow. Insane students today!! I think I may have flipped out a bit much (told them they were all old enough to have the cops called on them and I had no problems with doing that!!). It was just great! HA

Enough of that --- hope my readers (haha) are doing well!!! Till next time …

Friday, July 31, 2009

Quick Update

Billy is solo starting today!!!! He got his car yesterday -

He was super pumped about it! As I was too!! It has been a long 2 years for us to get to this point!!!!! Above the front fender to the right it says B.H. Abbott :) :)

Very exciting times for the Abbott's!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend ... and more

Can you believe it’s already July! I truly agree with time flying as you get older! Seemed to draaaggg when I was younger and my summer never ended – now it’s almost over! HA

It was a long and crazy past week for us!! On Wednesday (7-1) I went in from my 6 month check up on my surgery from the breast reduction. I had found a lump early that week – so I talked to my doc about it. I assumed it was scar tissue. I told him that after all my other surgeries it took awhile for my scar tissue to “go away”. He went and ahead and scheduled me for an ultrasound. So I went in for an ultra sound on Thursday and they ended up doing a mammogram on me as well. After all this – they still do not know what it is. I was told that I would have most likely 2 options. Biopsy or MRI.

Spoke with my plastic surgeon – he said that he would prefer the Biopsy, but did say it was my choice! HA – wellll – if I HAVE to do one or the other – I’ll probably do the Biopsy (needle one instead of the surgery). I haven’t spoken with him since Friday – so we shall see what will happen! I have since calmed down A LOT :) and have a feeling its nothing too serious; otherwise I think they would have did something then and there.

That all behind for the weekend – Billy and I finally got to spend some time together!! He got off work at 6am on Saturday, slept for 2 hours then to the Beach we headed!!! Spent 5 loverly hours out there!!! It was nice and non-crowded for about an hour. Took advantage of the peaceful ocean – only to be disturbed by a manatee. OK so as this creature goes by Abbott’s face got odd and he says “whoa what the eff is that?” – without looking I jumped up and started running (or as much as one can in water) turned around to see this alligator looking creature GO UNDER WATER. OK – more running. I get up to the beach and the lifeguard is like “ohhh its ok we see those a lot” YEA OK NOT THIS GAL!!! I was like “was it an alligator” … I got a look from Billy and he said “in salt water”. UMMMM – never really thought about that one. YAY FUN AT THE BEACH!!!

After the beach – we headed home so that he could get some sleep! We traveled downtown to get a hotel room and enjoy the fireworks! Sunday we grilled and did some shopping!!! I’m sure that I gained at least 5lbs back ahahaha!!! But we had a great weekend!!!!

Back to WORK I go! Billy is off till Wednesday, lucky boy!! I only have 10 days of work left (far as the summer is concerned) then 17 days till Birmingham! YAY!! It will be soooooo great to see family!!! Speaking of family – we were informed that Brian will be back home soon from Afghanistan! I know Johnna, Lance and Sarah are thrilled!!!! As the rest of the family is as well!!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Loverly weekend


WOW what a weekend! After rising at 5am to head to bootcamp on Friday, working till 9pm, leaving for Atlanta at 10pm, arriving in Atlanta at 4 am ---- we got told NOPE no room for you right now! It’s sold out and … well … even tho it’s Saturday – it’s technically Friday.

YEA --- so we were told 11am is CHECK-IN (check in) … ok so its 430, we have no hotel room (I’m exhausted and pissed) and we are all insanely tired – so we head down to the baseball grounds to check it out! Go to the old field where the braves play – horse around there – then decided WAFFLE HOUSE (puke) sounds good! Off we go to that place – OMG – what a wonderful group of people dining with us!
No teeth, some teeth, questionable teeth – DING DING DING – you have a job at Waffle House!!!

He enjoys having his pic taken a million times!

Next to the Waffle House is TIFFANY’s … the strip club and a Days Inn – super questionable but looking great for a few hours to sleep. They have a room open yay! So we all pray we don’t get a disease and the car doesn’t get stolen!!!

Around 10:30 we head to our hotel to check-in. Get there and the lovely lady behind the counter informs me that nope, check in is at 3pm. I explained to her, in a very non nice way (yea ok I haven’t showered I’m kind irritated) that the guy at 4am said at 11 we could check in – she informs me in the same manner he would have never said that. I was then told to go to the car! :-)

Berry, Billy, Me and Mo ....

SOOOOOOO … glad that Billy hasn’t beat me, I go to car. Inform Berry and Mo that we still gotta trek around this city – they are calm – I am not. Off to lunch, game starts at 430 … we head back to hotel by 2 – informed to stay in the car – Billy comes back out and has keys! YAY!! We are so happy – and Billy says “I got the parking fee waived for us – oh yea they said “we remember you – left ya wife in the car eh” I guess I have that effect on people

GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!! It was supppper hot, but I was so excited that we had actually gotten showers – I could have cared less!!!! Game was boring sadly – Red Sox won 1-0, great pitching!!

Ordered out pizza – after Mo and I did some working out to earn points for it!!! YAY WEIGHT WATCHERS!!!! $34 and almost 1.5 hours later we were happy and full!!! Ready for our next days adventures!!!

Game 2 – blah to my Sox – they just know how to give you a headache!! We lost 2-1. Had a great time tho!! I hadn’t been to a game in awhile – it was just LOVELY to get away from Jacksonville with great friends and let loose (ok semi let loose).

Our next adventure will be at the end of July as we head to Birmingham to visit the Parkers! Super freakin excited about this!!! Billy has only a few more shifts and he will be SOLO!!!! Car and all :) … very stoked about this!! It has been a long journey and I’m soooo proud of him!! He has had to deal with a lot!! And I’ll be glad to see some set hours – may not like them hours – but at least I’ll know what they are each shift!!!!

Lost another 2lbs!!! My goal is 50lbs! YIKES RIGHT!! I have decided that I’ll finish out these 6 weeks and then in August/September I’d like to do the bootcamp again!!!!! And/or find a water aerobics class – miss those!!!!

2 more weeks to go with UB :) YAY!!!! Pray I don’t hurt a child – it’s getting close! These kiddos and their attitudes are getting insane! I should call my mom now and apologize for being a smart ass when I was younger … or a few weeks ago ….

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I used :) alot

My goodness it has been hot! At least in Florida there is a breeze to circulate the hot air!

So … to be very honest – I, with a passion, hate Billy’s new schedule! 6p-6a is not wonderful! And I PRAY he doesn’t get this shift when August comes! It hasn’t been sooooo bad (yeaaa I know it’s only the 2nd day of it) because I have been working 12-13 hour days as well!! But it’s been hard to come home to JUST the dogs and not have him around to vent to! :) Whoa is me … right!!

Upward Bound is going decent! Lord have mercy some of these girls and their attitudes! I find myself calling mom often and apologizing for the crap I used to do to her and dad!! I have been informed I should write a book!!

I have been having some major family withdrawals here lately. Most of my dad’s side of the family – I don’t speak to much these days. For one reason or another – more for just one but … that’s a whole other therapy session. But during the summer I sure do miss those cook-outs and family time!! And I miss my friends in Arkansas!!! Leigh and Jessika – ohhhhh how I need to see their faces!! HAHA!! And speaking of faces I need to see – my bestie Mary Jo and I need some game board time ASAP!!!

Grad school for me should start back up in August – however – I may delay till October. Have to get some things straightened out. I have finalllllly decided (after driving many of my friends nuts with my indecisiveness) that I will be changing from Public Relations to School Guidance Counseling! WHEW! I’ll never get this master’s!! HA!!

Personal stuff - I have lost 12lbs!! I haven’t had to work this hard EVER to lose weight! Kinda depressing but I’m doing good! No cheating :) HAHA!!! Playing softball has been so much fun! I haven’t played softball in about 6-7 years!! I haven’t ran since my car wreck! So to get out and run/jog without falling on my face :) has been amazing!!!! I re-found the love of being active :)

I will post pics of my UB summer soon :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I have attempted this "blogging" stuff many times. Never seems to last - we shall see about it this time!

My UB Summer program (5 weeks long) will start week 2 this coming week! YAY!! OHH my talk about being exhausted!! I love it - but I get very tired and very annoyed quite fast (especially when the AC is out in our building - 80 smelly kids - not good for my patience). I need to really work on my patience - one of my (and I have few :) ) flaws.

Week 1 of Bootcamp Workout has ended as well. WOW - not AS bad as I thought it would be - but still kicking my butt!! I do hope I see some results from it! I am so tired of "trying" things and nothing working! Course - if I actually tried HARDER maybe I would! I started doing weight watchers in May as well. That I have slacked on - blah!! I am proud of myself for loosing 10lbs tho! As well as cutting back on the sodas I drink! I have had probably 5 Dr Peppers since May 1! That's pretty huge for this caffeine addict!! Abbott has been pretty supportive! He knows I'm a slacker when it comes to this area of my life - and he pushes me constantly! Even when I get pissed and yell at him! :)

Speaking of Abbott - he is now on day 2 of Phase 3 of 4 for JSO! I'm really proud of him! He has to endure ALOT to get to this point and he is doing amazing!! He sees alot of things I'd rather him not see - but I know that he can handle it. I truly don't care to HEAR some of the stuff he tells me but I'd rather him vent to me than someone else - because I'm sure that at times he doesn't care to hear about my work issues! He has good FTO's (Field Training Officers) and has learned alot! I am happy that he has good FTO's and not "odd" ones! I hate to hear my girlfriends gripping about their husbands FTO's ... Abbott does have a good feeling about this FTO and when this Phase is done he will go back to his first FTO and he really liked that guy! They were two peas in a very effed up pod! TOOOOO much alike! HA

THIS FRIDAY me, Abbott, Melissa and Berry are head to Atlanta to see my glorious Red Sox play! I am sooo pumped! It's been awhile since we have been to a BoSox game! It should be a fun time - Berry is a Braves fan (he and Ma Cathy and Julie would definitely get along!! HA)

That is all for tonite! I have the TV too myself so much Law and Order will now be watched!!