Monday, June 29, 2009

Loverly weekend


WOW what a weekend! After rising at 5am to head to bootcamp on Friday, working till 9pm, leaving for Atlanta at 10pm, arriving in Atlanta at 4 am ---- we got told NOPE no room for you right now! It’s sold out and … well … even tho it’s Saturday – it’s technically Friday.

YEA --- so we were told 11am is CHECK-IN (check in) … ok so its 430, we have no hotel room (I’m exhausted and pissed) and we are all insanely tired – so we head down to the baseball grounds to check it out! Go to the old field where the braves play – horse around there – then decided WAFFLE HOUSE (puke) sounds good! Off we go to that place – OMG – what a wonderful group of people dining with us!
No teeth, some teeth, questionable teeth – DING DING DING – you have a job at Waffle House!!!

He enjoys having his pic taken a million times!

Next to the Waffle House is TIFFANY’s … the strip club and a Days Inn – super questionable but looking great for a few hours to sleep. They have a room open yay! So we all pray we don’t get a disease and the car doesn’t get stolen!!!

Around 10:30 we head to our hotel to check-in. Get there and the lovely lady behind the counter informs me that nope, check in is at 3pm. I explained to her, in a very non nice way (yea ok I haven’t showered I’m kind irritated) that the guy at 4am said at 11 we could check in – she informs me in the same manner he would have never said that. I was then told to go to the car! :-)

Berry, Billy, Me and Mo ....

SOOOOOOO … glad that Billy hasn’t beat me, I go to car. Inform Berry and Mo that we still gotta trek around this city – they are calm – I am not. Off to lunch, game starts at 430 … we head back to hotel by 2 – informed to stay in the car – Billy comes back out and has keys! YAY!! We are so happy – and Billy says “I got the parking fee waived for us – oh yea they said “we remember you – left ya wife in the car eh” I guess I have that effect on people

GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!! It was supppper hot, but I was so excited that we had actually gotten showers – I could have cared less!!!! Game was boring sadly – Red Sox won 1-0, great pitching!!

Ordered out pizza – after Mo and I did some working out to earn points for it!!! YAY WEIGHT WATCHERS!!!! $34 and almost 1.5 hours later we were happy and full!!! Ready for our next days adventures!!!

Game 2 – blah to my Sox – they just know how to give you a headache!! We lost 2-1. Had a great time tho!! I hadn’t been to a game in awhile – it was just LOVELY to get away from Jacksonville with great friends and let loose (ok semi let loose).

Our next adventure will be at the end of July as we head to Birmingham to visit the Parkers! Super freakin excited about this!!! Billy has only a few more shifts and he will be SOLO!!!! Car and all :) … very stoked about this!! It has been a long journey and I’m soooo proud of him!! He has had to deal with a lot!! And I’ll be glad to see some set hours – may not like them hours – but at least I’ll know what they are each shift!!!!

Lost another 2lbs!!! My goal is 50lbs! YIKES RIGHT!! I have decided that I’ll finish out these 6 weeks and then in August/September I’d like to do the bootcamp again!!!!! And/or find a water aerobics class – miss those!!!!

2 more weeks to go with UB :) YAY!!!! Pray I don’t hurt a child – it’s getting close! These kiddos and their attitudes are getting insane! I should call my mom now and apologize for being a smart ass when I was younger … or a few weeks ago ….

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I used :) alot

My goodness it has been hot! At least in Florida there is a breeze to circulate the hot air!

So … to be very honest – I, with a passion, hate Billy’s new schedule! 6p-6a is not wonderful! And I PRAY he doesn’t get this shift when August comes! It hasn’t been sooooo bad (yeaaa I know it’s only the 2nd day of it) because I have been working 12-13 hour days as well!! But it’s been hard to come home to JUST the dogs and not have him around to vent to! :) Whoa is me … right!!

Upward Bound is going decent! Lord have mercy some of these girls and their attitudes! I find myself calling mom often and apologizing for the crap I used to do to her and dad!! I have been informed I should write a book!!

I have been having some major family withdrawals here lately. Most of my dad’s side of the family – I don’t speak to much these days. For one reason or another – more for just one but … that’s a whole other therapy session. But during the summer I sure do miss those cook-outs and family time!! And I miss my friends in Arkansas!!! Leigh and Jessika – ohhhhh how I need to see their faces!! HAHA!! And speaking of faces I need to see – my bestie Mary Jo and I need some game board time ASAP!!!

Grad school for me should start back up in August – however – I may delay till October. Have to get some things straightened out. I have finalllllly decided (after driving many of my friends nuts with my indecisiveness) that I will be changing from Public Relations to School Guidance Counseling! WHEW! I’ll never get this master’s!! HA!!

Personal stuff - I have lost 12lbs!! I haven’t had to work this hard EVER to lose weight! Kinda depressing but I’m doing good! No cheating :) HAHA!!! Playing softball has been so much fun! I haven’t played softball in about 6-7 years!! I haven’t ran since my car wreck! So to get out and run/jog without falling on my face :) has been amazing!!!! I re-found the love of being active :)

I will post pics of my UB summer soon :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I have attempted this "blogging" stuff many times. Never seems to last - we shall see about it this time!

My UB Summer program (5 weeks long) will start week 2 this coming week! YAY!! OHH my talk about being exhausted!! I love it - but I get very tired and very annoyed quite fast (especially when the AC is out in our building - 80 smelly kids - not good for my patience). I need to really work on my patience - one of my (and I have few :) ) flaws.

Week 1 of Bootcamp Workout has ended as well. WOW - not AS bad as I thought it would be - but still kicking my butt!! I do hope I see some results from it! I am so tired of "trying" things and nothing working! Course - if I actually tried HARDER maybe I would! I started doing weight watchers in May as well. That I have slacked on - blah!! I am proud of myself for loosing 10lbs tho! As well as cutting back on the sodas I drink! I have had probably 5 Dr Peppers since May 1! That's pretty huge for this caffeine addict!! Abbott has been pretty supportive! He knows I'm a slacker when it comes to this area of my life - and he pushes me constantly! Even when I get pissed and yell at him! :)

Speaking of Abbott - he is now on day 2 of Phase 3 of 4 for JSO! I'm really proud of him! He has to endure ALOT to get to this point and he is doing amazing!! He sees alot of things I'd rather him not see - but I know that he can handle it. I truly don't care to HEAR some of the stuff he tells me but I'd rather him vent to me than someone else - because I'm sure that at times he doesn't care to hear about my work issues! He has good FTO's (Field Training Officers) and has learned alot! I am happy that he has good FTO's and not "odd" ones! I hate to hear my girlfriends gripping about their husbands FTO's ... Abbott does have a good feeling about this FTO and when this Phase is done he will go back to his first FTO and he really liked that guy! They were two peas in a very effed up pod! TOOOOO much alike! HA

THIS FRIDAY me, Abbott, Melissa and Berry are head to Atlanta to see my glorious Red Sox play! I am sooo pumped! It's been awhile since we have been to a BoSox game! It should be a fun time - Berry is a Braves fan (he and Ma Cathy and Julie would definitely get along!! HA)

That is all for tonite! I have the TV too myself so much Law and Order will now be watched!!