Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I used :) alot

My goodness it has been hot! At least in Florida there is a breeze to circulate the hot air!

So … to be very honest – I, with a passion, hate Billy’s new schedule! 6p-6a is not wonderful! And I PRAY he doesn’t get this shift when August comes! It hasn’t been sooooo bad (yeaaa I know it’s only the 2nd day of it) because I have been working 12-13 hour days as well!! But it’s been hard to come home to JUST the dogs and not have him around to vent to! :) Whoa is me … right!!

Upward Bound is going decent! Lord have mercy some of these girls and their attitudes! I find myself calling mom often and apologizing for the crap I used to do to her and dad!! I have been informed I should write a book!!

I have been having some major family withdrawals here lately. Most of my dad’s side of the family – I don’t speak to much these days. For one reason or another – more for just one but … that’s a whole other therapy session. But during the summer I sure do miss those cook-outs and family time!! And I miss my friends in Arkansas!!! Leigh and Jessika – ohhhhh how I need to see their faces!! HAHA!! And speaking of faces I need to see – my bestie Mary Jo and I need some game board time ASAP!!!

Grad school for me should start back up in August – however – I may delay till October. Have to get some things straightened out. I have finalllllly decided (after driving many of my friends nuts with my indecisiveness) that I will be changing from Public Relations to School Guidance Counseling! WHEW! I’ll never get this master’s!! HA!!

Personal stuff - I have lost 12lbs!! I haven’t had to work this hard EVER to lose weight! Kinda depressing but I’m doing good! No cheating :) HAHA!!! Playing softball has been so much fun! I haven’t played softball in about 6-7 years!! I haven’t ran since my car wreck! So to get out and run/jog without falling on my face :) has been amazing!!!! I re-found the love of being active :)

I will post pics of my UB summer soon :)