Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend ... and more

Can you believe it’s already July! I truly agree with time flying as you get older! Seemed to draaaggg when I was younger and my summer never ended – now it’s almost over! HA

It was a long and crazy past week for us!! On Wednesday (7-1) I went in from my 6 month check up on my surgery from the breast reduction. I had found a lump early that week – so I talked to my doc about it. I assumed it was scar tissue. I told him that after all my other surgeries it took awhile for my scar tissue to “go away”. He went and ahead and scheduled me for an ultrasound. So I went in for an ultra sound on Thursday and they ended up doing a mammogram on me as well. After all this – they still do not know what it is. I was told that I would have most likely 2 options. Biopsy or MRI.

Spoke with my plastic surgeon – he said that he would prefer the Biopsy, but did say it was my choice! HA – wellll – if I HAVE to do one or the other – I’ll probably do the Biopsy (needle one instead of the surgery). I haven’t spoken with him since Friday – so we shall see what will happen! I have since calmed down A LOT :) and have a feeling its nothing too serious; otherwise I think they would have did something then and there.

That all behind for the weekend – Billy and I finally got to spend some time together!! He got off work at 6am on Saturday, slept for 2 hours then to the Beach we headed!!! Spent 5 loverly hours out there!!! It was nice and non-crowded for about an hour. Took advantage of the peaceful ocean – only to be disturbed by a manatee. OK so as this creature goes by Abbott’s face got odd and he says “whoa what the eff is that?” – without looking I jumped up and started running (or as much as one can in water) turned around to see this alligator looking creature GO UNDER WATER. OK – more running. I get up to the beach and the lifeguard is like “ohhh its ok we see those a lot” YEA OK NOT THIS GAL!!! I was like “was it an alligator” … I got a look from Billy and he said “in salt water”. UMMMM – never really thought about that one. YAY FUN AT THE BEACH!!!

After the beach – we headed home so that he could get some sleep! We traveled downtown to get a hotel room and enjoy the fireworks! Sunday we grilled and did some shopping!!! I’m sure that I gained at least 5lbs back ahahaha!!! But we had a great weekend!!!!

Back to WORK I go! Billy is off till Wednesday, lucky boy!! I only have 10 days of work left (far as the summer is concerned) then 17 days till Birmingham! YAY!! It will be soooooo great to see family!!! Speaking of family – we were informed that Brian will be back home soon from Afghanistan! I know Johnna, Lance and Sarah are thrilled!!!! As the rest of the family is as well!!!