Saturday, September 12, 2009


Wellllll --- July 30th was a huge life changing day! All 5 (yes 5) pregnancy tests said PREGNANT!! Wednesday the following week the doctor confirmed!! We are due April 10th 2010 with our first child!! Billy is so very excited and nervous life myself!! My mother is on cloud 9 and my dad has let it finally sink it and is super excited! My sister will be an Aunt for the first time and she is totally insane crazy excited with everything!! Billy's mom is ready to welcome grandchild number 2, his sister has been wonderful with all the questions I throw at her and she is super excited about becoming an Aunt (again). Needless to say and I think I can say this with great confidence - everyone is pretty excited that is in our lives!!

**Billy wants a girl so that he has someone to spoil (I assume he meant someone other than me hahaha)

I have been kinda sick – comes and goes!! Eating EVERYTHING I see! Billy has told me he’d really like to NOT gain too much weight during this! He tends to eat just about every time I do! HAHA

Billy loves his job!! He is in a busy zone and his watch is 6p to 6a. I am not a fan of his work time, but it’s just a bump! He works with some great guys and he hasn’t had any major issues with dealing with people!!

My Saturday Sessions started back up today! OHHH and what a craptastic day it was!! 5 boys get off the bus fighting – get off the bus!! Ohh I tell ya! Then continued to fight here and there throughout the day until time to go when the fight got big in the parking lot and one got shoved into my car. I was the only STAFF member out there so I tried to semi get in between them without getting in the fight – wow. Insane students today!! I think I may have flipped out a bit much (told them they were all old enough to have the cops called on them and I had no problems with doing that!!). It was just great! HA

Enough of that --- hope my readers (haha) are doing well!!! Till next time …