Friday, October 30, 2009

Room Painted

17 weeks … WHEW!!! It was awesome to hit the 4 month mark!! I’m so giddy!! HA!! In 17 days we should know the sex – that is if Baby Turnip (fruit/veggie of the week) isn’t shy :)

Billy painted the room this week! YAY!! Isn’t he a great daddy!!!

Our friends gave us the bassinet! Super cute eh :)

Baby Abbott's Unk Josh, Aunt Julie and Cousin Jackman gave us quite a bit of stuff! Included was some awesome Razorback Gear :) VERY Happy about this! :)

Heartburn has set in! Never had this crap in my life - thought I needed to go to the doctor :) HA!! Tums aren't really helping to much!! So gotta try some new stuff! YAY!! Back is not as achy as it was!! HOWEVER - those who said "ohhh the sickness should go away after your 12th week" - YOU WERE WRONG :). OHHH this stuff has gotten worse! So not fun!! This past week each morning has been UGH and add recruiting on there at high schools in hot classrooms with 37 kids ... blah! Joys of pregnancy - Julie says one day I'll miss being pregnant - I dunno Julie ... I dunno. :)

Thursday I had a SPARK of energy and Billy was never happier to see me cleaning, doing laundry, FOLDING LAUNDRY, PUTTING LAUNDRY AWAY ... we even re-arranged living room (well he did most of that HA) ... Billy has been the greatest! He knows how tired and exhausted I am and he doesn't yell at me about not cleaning - granted I didn't do all that much before all this (I'm sooo not a good house wife) - but he has been very understanding!! And bless his heart - he will cook big dinners and I reallllly want it and then take a bite and NOPE ... can't stand it!!! I can tell he gets kinda flustered with that! HA ... I do feel bad about it but man - some of that food YUCK! And what's crazy ... I reallllly like that food!!!! Who doesn't love grilled ny strip steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob ....... ohhhhh whoa is me.

We are super ready for our Christmas trip back home! I could pack today! I have been so very homesick here lately! We joined a church here in town and I almosted balled the other Sunday - I sure miss hearing my mom playing the piano, my sister singing and my dad tapping his foot!! I miss being able to go 20 mins down the road to Ma's house for some GREAT HOME COOKING!! I think when baby gets here it'll be a requirement for the Mom's, Grandmother and baby's Aunts to spend at least 2 months with us :)

Whew - ok getting a bit emotional so I better stop!!! More pics to come ....

Love you all

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

15 weeks and counting ...

Baby Apple bump at 15 weeks!

From sick to everyday to sick once or twice a week --- I LOVE IT!! Hit the 15th week mark on Saturday October17th. On Monday October 19th we had a doctors appointment and doc could not find the heartbeat - mild freak out - so we did an ultrasound! So got more pics of our baby apple! Heartbeat was beating strong - doc said she felt a kick when holding the ultrasound thingy :). I can't wait to start feeling baby move!! On Nov. 16th we go back and we should find out the sex (if baby is not shy!!). Super excited about this!!
Back is still achy, got some meds for this YAY! Hopefully they will work! God bless Billy for rubbing my back down with biofreeze constantly!! I always smell like a nursing home, so one of my students told me! AWE ... they are the best. Got a few more maternity pants - yikes!! Lost pounds but my BUMP :) is getting a bit too big for my liking at this early stage :) HA!!!

On Saturday the 17th Billy and I were able to go to the Arkansas Florida game - wow what a game and wow what a crappy job the refs did. I don't say this because we lost - because wow we held them freakin Gators amazingly! But there are photos going around from the game that make me wonder about the job the refs did! Here are the pics I'm talking about:


EH - it was a great game regardless!! Billy and I got our tickets from some friends of friends and we sat in the midst of Gators! We did meet a dude from Dequeen and chics from LR! Always fun to find those folks and talk randomly!!!

It was a great weekend with great friends, good food and football :) This coming week is super busy for us! I have recruitment at schools, college tours and a long work day on Saturday! Billy is working till Sunday! We are definitely ready for our Christmas trip home :) Vacation in need!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

14 weeks and counting ....

14 weeks today! YAY!! This past week has been a challenge. I go out to high schools here in Jacksonville (for my job) and do receruimtnet for new kiddos for the program! Went out to Lee High School and OH MY GOSH! I don’t think that school has A/C in the halls and it has been in the 90s here – needless to say my hair and makeup did not look the same by the time I arrived at the school.

All of the classes I went into were on the 2nd floor (thank you LAUD not the 3rd). One class I had to ask for a chair! HA … so winded I could barley finish a sentence, sweating so bad and drinking water nonstop (which isn’t great because I talk to them for about 20-25 mins BEFORE I can leave to go peeeeeeeee). One kid even told me I looked “exhausted and your neck is red”. Oh I how I love freshmen. Left one class went to the bathroom threw up and back to the next class I go! Hair is now kinky and being put into a ponytail and makeup is now completely off – so I look pale and icky! I dunno where people think you GLOW when pregnant – your sweat glistens – maybe that is where it’s from.

I hate most meats now. Which sucks – because Billy can make some amazing New York strips for me and I just do not have the stomach for them at this moment in time. I’ll eat the hell out of some grilled hot dogs tho!! There are some foods that I truly love that now I just can’t stomach the smell of them … so sad.

Wednesday afternoon Billy and I were able to go to the beach again and wow … I have never seen so many FISH at one time just swimming by … schools I guess they are called … so freakin cool to see just 100s of them come up with the waves!! I think Billy is making me a beach bum for sure!! I could have stayed out there all afternoon. But I am ready for some cooler weather. I NEED IT!!!! It would be an amazing “thing” if it were snowy for Christmas when we go home :) … ohhhhhhh dreaming.

… 5ish weeks till we find out if Baby Abbott is a girl or boy :) … the name game has begun!! We will take suggestions :) haha

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So my awesome brother-n-law Josh suggested I try to do some writing each week on progress of this pregnancy or the effects it is having on my Goddess of a body! We shall see how long I can keep this up!!

So vainly I am upset that I lost 20lbs (20 hard ass pounds to lose) over the summer only to find out I was pregnant. I’m not bitter – granted I know that sounds like I am – but I’m not!
So here it is week 13 and I have put on 5 pounds (HECK YES NOT BAD) and Billy just knows he is going to gain more weight than me. He is losing weight!!! His uniform is kinda baggy on him, so I think he should start eating some more. We are eating for 2 now!!

Again – its only 13 weeks that means like 27 more to go and I’m already complaining too much (so I think). I keep getting told that “it’s ok” “you have that right” “milk it” … so maybe I’m not.

· I pee constantly, hiccups are crazy (hiccups I know), I can’t seem to burp and that hurts, all chairs are uncomfy too me (accept the couch laying down), seems like EVERY maternity shirt I have found have some sort of sash, bow, tie that ties in the back. So, while I am trying to get comfortable in the uncomfy chair, I have this knot that is poking into me as well, my underwear is starting to roll down (AGAIN ITS ONLY 13 WEEKS!!!!!!), my favorite foods here lately make me wanna gag when I even catch a whiff of them, certain smells send me running to the bathroom, getting told “wow you look so horribly tired” … awe yes thanks, not being able to get off the couch and walk to the fridge without losing my breath and sweating ….

I’ll stop for now!! Again I’m not bitter about being pregnant … I mean this is all new to me, but it sucks royally!! AND THEN AGAIN it’s cool at times and kinda scary. Scary to know that this lil person is sucking the life out of you now, what will it be like when they get here!! No sleep is what I have been told!!

What’s fun tho (I guess fun is the term) is that I have two close friends, Kate and Mary, who are both pregnant as well and we can all go thru this together!!

I’ll see how long I can complain/rejoice in this progress …..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

13 weeks and 1 day!!

A whole week went by without any sickness! So wonderful - then Saturday (10-3) it creeeeeped up on me!! Hopefully just a once a week thing will happen, I can totally handle that!! RIGHT?!? I think Billy is super tired of me wanting to take pictures of him too!! So we are praying that November 13th we are able to find out if baby Abbott is a chico or chica!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

It's been a great week! Billy's been able to take a few days off here and there and that makes my week go by easier when he is home a tad more to keep me company! We had a house full of friends yesterday and it was grand! FOOTBALL season is everywhere!! Gators, Noles and Hogs all cheering together!! HAHA!! We have some awesome friends here!

And these awesome friends are going thru some hard times right now. A g/f is going thru some very personal times with her mother right now and it’s so very hard to hear her speak of it and just feel that you cannot do a single thing to help or take her pain! Her mother has been struggling with cancer for some time now and it is now, sadly, taking much more of her. She will most likely loose her arm. Looking into the situation loosing an arm versus your life seems easier to handle. Put my feet in her shoes (semi) I have no idea how I would feel. NOW - there is a doctor that would like "Mom" to come in for some more tests to see if there is any way possible to save her arm and do other surgeries. But she is very tired of the hospitals, visits, tests, medications, chemo ... I can’t begin to imagine. BUT my friend is determined to get her mom to this appointment if she has to drag her there!!! BOTTOMLINE – Ms. S needs your prayers! So does my friend – these are two very strong, stubborn :), caring women.

My dad is doing much better! He is back at work on full duty!! I know he is happy to be up and around and not lying in the hospital! He’s a not a very patient PATIENT! HA … I don’t think I can blame him tho – hospitals are no fun!! Course he did have NURSE WIFE to take good care of him (and wow was he spoiled). I’m glad mom is getting some rest too!!

MORE BABY NEWS :) (are you tired of it yet??!?!?!) Billy’s cousins Jason and his wife Gina are due in February and they have found out they are having a baby girl!! Sooooo very excited for them!! And so many other friends of mine are pregnant!! Mary, Kate, Donna, Skye, Mika and Courtney!! It’s awesome!!!

Well – I must get to cleaning up the kitchen! I actually COOKED today! Chicken Alfredo and Garlic Bread (so that just required throwing in the oven butttt).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nearly 13 weeks ... only 27ish to go

Hitting the 12 week (Saturday the 26th) mark was awesome!! And I pray I don't jinx myself for this, but no more icky feelings!! I still get some WHOA times – but not all day waves of nausea!!

Billy has been on the streets solo now for 2 months! Yay!! He has some insane stories to tell – but he loves his job very much! This makes me happy!!! It’s great to see him love what he does and just to know how hard he worked for it overcoming a lot the year prior … I’m proud!! (I’m not sure if I tell him this enough).

In 6 weeks (or 7 depending on my appt at doc) we should know if Baby Abbott is a chica or chico!!! This is super exciting and I’m insane with anxiousness!!!!!!! So is Billy, both grandmas, grandpa, aunts … ohhhh just to giddy I think!!! **Sorry if it’s annoying haha**

The pictures were taken at 12 weeks 3 days! We will start taking pictures of Billy at the same time too! Can’t leave Papi out!!!

We got to hear Baby Abbott's heart beat on Sept. 18th! It was amazing!!!!! Billy's face was priceless!! It was just soooo neat to hear this lil plum's heart beating ... wow ... that was the day it hit me hard that YEP YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving is around the corner then Christmas – which means YAY we are going home!!! First time Billy has been back home in 2 years!! He is very excited for Mimi’s cooking!!! Hopefully we will be able to meet up with friends during that time too!!

Hope all is going well for everyone!