Sunday, October 4, 2009

13 weeks and 1 day!!

A whole week went by without any sickness! So wonderful - then Saturday (10-3) it creeeeeped up on me!! Hopefully just a once a week thing will happen, I can totally handle that!! RIGHT?!? I think Billy is super tired of me wanting to take pictures of him too!! So we are praying that November 13th we are able to find out if baby Abbott is a chico or chica!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

It's been a great week! Billy's been able to take a few days off here and there and that makes my week go by easier when he is home a tad more to keep me company! We had a house full of friends yesterday and it was grand! FOOTBALL season is everywhere!! Gators, Noles and Hogs all cheering together!! HAHA!! We have some awesome friends here!

And these awesome friends are going thru some hard times right now. A g/f is going thru some very personal times with her mother right now and it’s so very hard to hear her speak of it and just feel that you cannot do a single thing to help or take her pain! Her mother has been struggling with cancer for some time now and it is now, sadly, taking much more of her. She will most likely loose her arm. Looking into the situation loosing an arm versus your life seems easier to handle. Put my feet in her shoes (semi) I have no idea how I would feel. NOW - there is a doctor that would like "Mom" to come in for some more tests to see if there is any way possible to save her arm and do other surgeries. But she is very tired of the hospitals, visits, tests, medications, chemo ... I can’t begin to imagine. BUT my friend is determined to get her mom to this appointment if she has to drag her there!!! BOTTOMLINE – Ms. S needs your prayers! So does my friend – these are two very strong, stubborn :), caring women.

My dad is doing much better! He is back at work on full duty!! I know he is happy to be up and around and not lying in the hospital! He’s a not a very patient PATIENT! HA … I don’t think I can blame him tho – hospitals are no fun!! Course he did have NURSE WIFE to take good care of him (and wow was he spoiled). I’m glad mom is getting some rest too!!

MORE BABY NEWS :) (are you tired of it yet??!?!?!) Billy’s cousins Jason and his wife Gina are due in February and they have found out they are having a baby girl!! Sooooo very excited for them!! And so many other friends of mine are pregnant!! Mary, Kate, Donna, Skye, Mika and Courtney!! It’s awesome!!!

Well – I must get to cleaning up the kitchen! I actually COOKED today! Chicken Alfredo and Garlic Bread (so that just required throwing in the oven butttt).