Saturday, October 10, 2009

14 weeks and counting ....

14 weeks today! YAY!! This past week has been a challenge. I go out to high schools here in Jacksonville (for my job) and do receruimtnet for new kiddos for the program! Went out to Lee High School and OH MY GOSH! I don’t think that school has A/C in the halls and it has been in the 90s here – needless to say my hair and makeup did not look the same by the time I arrived at the school.

All of the classes I went into were on the 2nd floor (thank you LAUD not the 3rd). One class I had to ask for a chair! HA … so winded I could barley finish a sentence, sweating so bad and drinking water nonstop (which isn’t great because I talk to them for about 20-25 mins BEFORE I can leave to go peeeeeeeee). One kid even told me I looked “exhausted and your neck is red”. Oh I how I love freshmen. Left one class went to the bathroom threw up and back to the next class I go! Hair is now kinky and being put into a ponytail and makeup is now completely off – so I look pale and icky! I dunno where people think you GLOW when pregnant – your sweat glistens – maybe that is where it’s from.

I hate most meats now. Which sucks – because Billy can make some amazing New York strips for me and I just do not have the stomach for them at this moment in time. I’ll eat the hell out of some grilled hot dogs tho!! There are some foods that I truly love that now I just can’t stomach the smell of them … so sad.

Wednesday afternoon Billy and I were able to go to the beach again and wow … I have never seen so many FISH at one time just swimming by … schools I guess they are called … so freakin cool to see just 100s of them come up with the waves!! I think Billy is making me a beach bum for sure!! I could have stayed out there all afternoon. But I am ready for some cooler weather. I NEED IT!!!! It would be an amazing “thing” if it were snowy for Christmas when we go home :) … ohhhhhhh dreaming.

… 5ish weeks till we find out if Baby Abbott is a girl or boy :) … the name game has begun!! We will take suggestions :) haha