Tuesday, October 20, 2009

15 weeks and counting ...

Baby Apple bump at 15 weeks!

From sick to everyday to sick once or twice a week --- I LOVE IT!! Hit the 15th week mark on Saturday October17th. On Monday October 19th we had a doctors appointment and doc could not find the heartbeat - mild freak out - so we did an ultrasound! So got more pics of our baby apple! Heartbeat was beating strong - doc said she felt a kick when holding the ultrasound thingy :). I can't wait to start feeling baby move!! On Nov. 16th we go back and we should find out the sex (if baby is not shy!!). Super excited about this!!
Back is still achy, got some meds for this YAY! Hopefully they will work! God bless Billy for rubbing my back down with biofreeze constantly!! I always smell like a nursing home, so one of my students told me! AWE ... they are the best. Got a few more maternity pants - yikes!! Lost pounds but my BUMP :) is getting a bit too big for my liking at this early stage :) HA!!!

On Saturday the 17th Billy and I were able to go to the Arkansas Florida game - wow what a game and wow what a crappy job the refs did. I don't say this because we lost - because wow we held them freakin Gators amazingly! But there are photos going around from the game that make me wonder about the job the refs did! Here are the pics I'm talking about:


EH - it was a great game regardless!! Billy and I got our tickets from some friends of friends and we sat in the midst of Gators! We did meet a dude from Dequeen and chics from LR! Always fun to find those folks and talk randomly!!!

It was a great weekend with great friends, good food and football :) This coming week is super busy for us! I have recruitment at schools, college tours and a long work day on Saturday! Billy is working till Sunday! We are definitely ready for our Christmas trip home :) Vacation in need!!!!