Friday, October 30, 2009

Room Painted

17 weeks … WHEW!!! It was awesome to hit the 4 month mark!! I’m so giddy!! HA!! In 17 days we should know the sex – that is if Baby Turnip (fruit/veggie of the week) isn’t shy :)

Billy painted the room this week! YAY!! Isn’t he a great daddy!!!

Our friends gave us the bassinet! Super cute eh :)

Baby Abbott's Unk Josh, Aunt Julie and Cousin Jackman gave us quite a bit of stuff! Included was some awesome Razorback Gear :) VERY Happy about this! :)

Heartburn has set in! Never had this crap in my life - thought I needed to go to the doctor :) HA!! Tums aren't really helping to much!! So gotta try some new stuff! YAY!! Back is not as achy as it was!! HOWEVER - those who said "ohhh the sickness should go away after your 12th week" - YOU WERE WRONG :). OHHH this stuff has gotten worse! So not fun!! This past week each morning has been UGH and add recruiting on there at high schools in hot classrooms with 37 kids ... blah! Joys of pregnancy - Julie says one day I'll miss being pregnant - I dunno Julie ... I dunno. :)

Thursday I had a SPARK of energy and Billy was never happier to see me cleaning, doing laundry, FOLDING LAUNDRY, PUTTING LAUNDRY AWAY ... we even re-arranged living room (well he did most of that HA) ... Billy has been the greatest! He knows how tired and exhausted I am and he doesn't yell at me about not cleaning - granted I didn't do all that much before all this (I'm sooo not a good house wife) - but he has been very understanding!! And bless his heart - he will cook big dinners and I reallllly want it and then take a bite and NOPE ... can't stand it!!! I can tell he gets kinda flustered with that! HA ... I do feel bad about it but man - some of that food YUCK! And what's crazy ... I reallllly like that food!!!! Who doesn't love grilled ny strip steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob ....... ohhhhh whoa is me.

We are super ready for our Christmas trip back home! I could pack today! I have been so very homesick here lately! We joined a church here in town and I almosted balled the other Sunday - I sure miss hearing my mom playing the piano, my sister singing and my dad tapping his foot!! I miss being able to go 20 mins down the road to Ma's house for some GREAT HOME COOKING!! I think when baby gets here it'll be a requirement for the Mom's, Grandmother and baby's Aunts to spend at least 2 months with us :)

Whew - ok getting a bit emotional so I better stop!!! More pics to come ....

Love you all