Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So my awesome brother-n-law Josh suggested I try to do some writing each week on progress of this pregnancy or the effects it is having on my Goddess of a body! We shall see how long I can keep this up!!

So vainly I am upset that I lost 20lbs (20 hard ass pounds to lose) over the summer only to find out I was pregnant. I’m not bitter – granted I know that sounds like I am – but I’m not!
So here it is week 13 and I have put on 5 pounds (HECK YES NOT BAD) and Billy just knows he is going to gain more weight than me. He is losing weight!!! His uniform is kinda baggy on him, so I think he should start eating some more. We are eating for 2 now!!

Again – its only 13 weeks that means like 27 more to go and I’m already complaining too much (so I think). I keep getting told that “it’s ok” “you have that right” “milk it” … so maybe I’m not.

· I pee constantly, hiccups are crazy (hiccups I know), I can’t seem to burp and that hurts, all chairs are uncomfy too me (accept the couch laying down), seems like EVERY maternity shirt I have found have some sort of sash, bow, tie that ties in the back. So, while I am trying to get comfortable in the uncomfy chair, I have this knot that is poking into me as well, my underwear is starting to roll down (AGAIN ITS ONLY 13 WEEKS!!!!!!), my favorite foods here lately make me wanna gag when I even catch a whiff of them, certain smells send me running to the bathroom, getting told “wow you look so horribly tired” … awe yes thanks, not being able to get off the couch and walk to the fridge without losing my breath and sweating ….

I’ll stop for now!! Again I’m not bitter about being pregnant … I mean this is all new to me, but it sucks royally!! AND THEN AGAIN it’s cool at times and kinda scary. Scary to know that this lil person is sucking the life out of you now, what will it be like when they get here!! No sleep is what I have been told!!

What’s fun tho (I guess fun is the term) is that I have two close friends, Kate and Mary, who are both pregnant as well and we can all go thru this together!!

I’ll see how long I can complain/rejoice in this progress …..