Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nearly 13 weeks ... only 27ish to go

Hitting the 12 week (Saturday the 26th) mark was awesome!! And I pray I don't jinx myself for this, but no more icky feelings!! I still get some WHOA times – but not all day waves of nausea!!

Billy has been on the streets solo now for 2 months! Yay!! He has some insane stories to tell – but he loves his job very much! This makes me happy!!! It’s great to see him love what he does and just to know how hard he worked for it overcoming a lot the year prior … I’m proud!! (I’m not sure if I tell him this enough).

In 6 weeks (or 7 depending on my appt at doc) we should know if Baby Abbott is a chica or chico!!! This is super exciting and I’m insane with anxiousness!!!!!!! So is Billy, both grandmas, grandpa, aunts … ohhhh just to giddy I think!!! **Sorry if it’s annoying haha**

The pictures were taken at 12 weeks 3 days! We will start taking pictures of Billy at the same time too! Can’t leave Papi out!!!

We got to hear Baby Abbott's heart beat on Sept. 18th! It was amazing!!!!! Billy's face was priceless!! It was just soooo neat to hear this lil plum's heart beating ... wow ... that was the day it hit me hard that YEP YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving is around the corner then Christmas – which means YAY we are going home!!! First time Billy has been back home in 2 years!! He is very excited for Mimi’s cooking!!! Hopefully we will be able to meet up with friends during that time too!!

Hope all is going well for everyone!