Friday, December 11, 2009

17 weeks to go, Work, Family ....

Tomorrow hits the 23rd week of pregzilla. Yea – I think I have reached this point many times over the past few weeks. Along with still being sick, back aches, peeing more and more, possible bladder infection … my patience is non-existent. When people tell me “you will miss being pregnant” I want to slap them. My annoyance level (well we all know how fast I can fly off the handle anyways) is insane! Just a smart look from one of my students’ throws me into this fiery death stare that I think scares them into shutting up and sitting down. Why do I work with high school students? :-)

Each week I call my mom and apologize for SOMETHING that I did as a teen!! I need to write a book! HA. I work with some great kiddos – they can push me all over the place with their attitudes and make me wanna lay hands on them and we have had many COME TO JESUS talks!! But I love it! To be ask for a letter of recommendation, receive a prom picture, receive a senior picture, receive a graduation invitation – totally makes all the headaches worth it!! I have some “rough-edge” students who have been thru more than some adults or other teens will have SEE. Homelessness, parents passing away, parents in jail, abuse, working jobs so they can support their 3 siblings … I could go on. Deep down some of these kids just want acceptance, love and respect from an adult. I just hope I can give them a bit of that!! They are students who the schools are slowly letting slip thru the cracks and that really upsets me. These are great students who need that extra push!!! NEEDLESS to say – with the entire political BS that comes with my job – I do love working with these students!!!!

It’s hard to relate to them at times – I do know that growing up I went without things I WANTED never anything I needed and my parents made sure that me and my sister (even friends and family who needed the help) got the necessities!! Talk about feeling like crap sometimes looking back and being so angry with my parents for not letting me go skating that weekend! My folks still work hard for everything they have and want – they are definitely the parents I strive to be!! They went without a lot so that Jay and I could have things we WANTED! And good lord they still do! My dad says he’ll work till Jesus comes … haha!!! I can’t believe I am nearly 5 months and my mom hasn’t seen me pregnant!!! The week we go home I’ll be a week shy of that 5 month mark and wow – I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for my mom to get to see me. It’s been hard living this far from them (driving distance like 17 hours) to begin with – but now – whew it’s super hard. It’s hard to anyways with no family around (ok no blood family – we have made such wonderful friends here who I consider family that have been wonderful to us thru A LOT and they mean the world to us) to go thru “things” and then holidays not having them around. HOWEVER – the fun of going home or having them come down – WOW! I love it!!!

Billy is just head over heels for his job!! It’s so amazing to see him so happy in his career!! He’s making great contacts and is making a name for himself. The jokester being one, but he is so respected by higher ups and the veteran guys he works with have so much respect for him and compliment him all the time on how he is doing so great with what experience he has!! GOTTA BRAG ON MY BOO haha!! He has worked SO very hard for this and has sacrificed a lot and I’m so freakin proud of him!! He has more than just patrolman in goal and I know he will reach it soon!!!!

The weather here hasn’t been very Christmas friendly!! One day it’s 80 next its 75 next its 65 then 80 again! I told Billy I need to spray some fake snow or ice on the house!!! So I’m praying it’s like in the 30s when go home! HAHA Course Billy loves this shorts/tee weather in December!! Drives me nuts!

Hope you all are doing well and that we get to visit with some of you when we head back home in a few days!! If not – possibly on the trip we make back in January :-)