Monday, November 8, 2010

Walk and Wedding

Our friend's the Dyers invited us to share in the Leukemia Walk in honor of their baby girl Julia (4 years old) who was diagnosed in May with Leukemia. We had a wonderful time and were honored to be a part of this walk for such an amazing cause!!

Ready for the Walk

Riley chattin it up with Landon

Susan and their youngest Riley

Landon was happy :) even with the wind and cold

Julia with her Daddy Will


Our friends Cynthia and Jeff got married :) :) YAY!!! We had a wonderful time - my camera battery was dying so many pictures of the wedding itself and reception didn't turn out well with that and the lighting!! So we got alot of pics of each other

Jeff waiting on his bride

Cynthia's Brother and Mother (Her father passed away on their journey to the USA. Before Cynthia and her brother danced at their reception they had a moment of silence for him and then song they danced to - Luther Vandross's Dance with my Father --- had me in tears!! And I think I can honestly say that there was not a dry eye in there during this dance!! Cynthia is a great person and to share in this specific moment was amazing to me!)


Few tears were shed - it was gorgeous!



Ben and Jackie - they are next!! 2-11-11

My family

Cynthia, Jackie, Moi and Lindsay - amazing women!

The Tonges - minuss lil Landry! Josh and Lindsay 

I was too nervous to hand him over to Cynthia - with that white dress and all :)

Jackie was talkin to Landon - :) I love this photo!!!

7 months down ...

Really - 7 months already! Whew! It's been an amazing, frustrating, fun, tearful, wonderful trip so far!! Teething sucks - period end of story! Playing in the poopy diaper as soon as it comes off - not cool. Splashing all the water out of the tub during bath time - kinda cute - till Daddy slips - then not cool. Rolling over alot - learning to pull up on things - wanting to hold the sippy cup --- amazing things :)

We had a great visit with family in October. It was a short weekend trip for everyone - but it was great to have family around! Landon's dedication at church was wonderful! My mother, Billy's mother, grandmother, sister, her husband and son were able to fly in for the dedication! It was great to have both of Landon's grandmother's and great-grandmother here! My best friend Mary and hubster Martin and their mini-Mart :) Jude made the trip up from St Cloud, locals amazing friends, Jackie, Adam & Brittany (son Noah), Justin & Donna (daughter Coral) were able to attend as well!!! IT WAS GREAT to have sooo many family/friends sharing in this day with us!!!

(BR) Josh, Omi, Nana, Mimi
(FR) Julie, Jackman, Me, Landon, Billy, Billy's awesomely white leg


(BR) Adam, Billy, Martin
(FR) Brittany, Noah, Jackie, Me, Landon, Mary, Jude
Donna, Justin and Coral had to leave early!!

Random family photos:

Jackman worked hard this weekend to teach Landon high fives :)

The Jackster enjoying lunch

My boy is a true southerner - Ice SWEET Tea :)

Buddies before birth :) Landon and Jude roughly 7 weeks apart

He did a shimy shake after sucking on a lemon :)

Both is grandmothers and great-grandmother

Enjoying some Mimi time

At the first of October we traveled out to a pumpkin patch with Donna, Justin, Coral and Jackie met us there! It was a fun time! Landon still had issues (well still does ha) sitting up by himself so we leaned him on Coral - I'm not sure that she appreciated it very much but she's a good sport!! The Petty's got a big pumpkin so that we could stick the kiddos down in it later :) HA!!

He kept "falling over" --- he's learning young!!

She was overly annoyed I'm sure


I'm pretty sure Mama Donna was jingling keys :)

I SWEAR this is the ONLY photo of him where he looks like me from when I was little!!

He's got country in him :)

Aunt Jackie

We took about 5 family shots - but this is my fave because EVERY adult is talking trying to get the lil ones to look at the camera :)

The ONLY picture of him not crying

Halloween is not one of my fave holidays - it's kinda annoying honestly. BUT I guess its an unspoken thing that you MUST dress up your child for their first Halloween --- next time around with the first Halloween I will not do much!! We had our list of folks to go see to show him off (and please for the love of candy do not show up to my house with a baby with no teeth who is passed out dressed like a cute lil pumpkin asking for candy - you will get none!) and we made it to ONE house! He got cranky - spit up all over the costume - passed out on the way home. It was fun for me haha! SOOO Amy and Fahey were the only ones we got to go visit --- feel the loooooooove :)

Two of the craziest greatest folks we have met and become friends/family with! It's hard not to love RED SOX FANS!!!!

OK - so pretty sure I got this blog caught up ... School is hard right now on me so I don't do much besides post photos to FB! So for those not on FB I am trying to keep you up with photos!!!

If I don't get back before Thanksgiving hope you all have a blessed one! We are going home the week/end before, Billy works Thanksgiving again this year!!

Till the next blog ....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Half-way thru the first year

Landon is half way to his first birthday and Billy and I (and the dogs!!) have survived the first half! YAY!! It’s been a fast trip that’s for sure! I have a new found respect for parents – not that I never had respect but a definite NEW one! Especially for the single parents! My g/f is “single” for 2 weeks out of the month and whoa momma … I’m not sure how she does it! but she does and .. KUDDOS DMP =)  I admire you!

It has been so much fun to watch Landon grow/change over the past 6 months! From not unballing his lil body – to rolling over – to sitting up and now wanting to stand! Crawling? We don’t do that around here!!!

He LOVES his baby food! And LOVES to eat a lot of it ha! Not a fan of pears – but loves those prunes! He is starting to hold his bottle longer – then decides that mom/dad can hold it better and passes out (most of the time) while eating! He can grab his spoon and shove it in his mouth – food normally is gone and all over him before it gets to his mouth – but at least he knows where it goes!

Teething is still miserable … poor guy! Just wish a tooth/teefs would pop thru! We buy teething gel and tablets in bulk! They are uuuhhhh-mazing!!! And the teething links - those are nice too! He doesn't do alot of teether things - he does like ice in a rag or something tho! And popsicles! We have a million and 38 links! They are soo useful tho!

I got to chatting with some other moms the other day and I was telling them about consignments shops and the “brands” we use around the house and some were a bit floored that I bought 2nd hand toys, clothes and even formula at a consignment shop. Have you SEEN how much wal-mart/target/babies-r-us charge for some things!? Ohh no ma’m!! lil Lysol and a few washings go along way! And the formula – it’s not like its half full or open! Speaking of the brands – we use all Target Up-and-Up brands for many things! Diapers, formula (Similac Isomil Soy), bottle liners (totally digging the drop-ins! Whew thank ya Donna!!), teething gel, etc … I don’t see an issues with non-brand items! I’ve always used the “equate” version of most everything! Same ingredients – why spend more money!

EH! :) my rant for the week!

In 2 weeks we are going to have a house full for Landon’s dedication at church! My mom, Billy’s mom, gma, sister, brother-n-law and nephew! Whew! I’m excited! I wish my dad and sister could make the trip – but that’s how things go huh! We will get to visit them for a few days in November for some pre-thanksgiving! I hate not seeing my dad often! I’m a daddy’s girl! Always have been that’s for sure!! He drives me up a wall and I drive up further up that wall!! And we both drive mom thru the roof! How I miss my parentals!!

Enjoy the pics – from our 6 month photo shoot!