Sunday, January 3, 2010

14 weeks to go ...

26 weeks down ...

It seems like a few days ago I took those (5) tests! Now we have 14 weeks to go till Landon gets here!! I'm not stressed at all in the my personal life with this ... but my work life ... whew. I'm due April 10th - my 5 week summer program will start 2nd/3rd week in June. I'm not ready to deal with 7a-8p days for 5 days straight again!! But we are very happy that we will have some family down here after Landon gets here to help out and that we have found some of the greatest friends to help us out during the summer with both of our crazy work schedules!

Jan. 11th is our next doc appt and then we start going every 2 weeks!! YAY!! Also on the 11th we are going to get our 3D photos taken of baby Landon. Hope he cooperates and gives us some good photos to take home to family when we head back for our showers on the 16th.

New Year's Eve was interesting! Drinking water and having people come around asking "what drink do you want" and having to constantly say "OHHH it's ok I'm just having water!!". Granted it was nice to not have such a large bar bill when we left the pub!! A few times Billy would go to the bar and lil drunk gals would discover (via his friend) he was a cop and OHHHH MYYYYY GOOOSSSHHHHHHHH they would just LOVE that and hug and hang all over him - he would give me this "HELP ME" look and I would just grin from ear to ear ... he would then point out "my pregnant wife over there" and they would come talk to me like we were best friends!!! It was really quiet entertaining (for me at least).
We have a few more BIG items that we need to get for Landon's room before it will LOOK cleaner!! Right now there is so much stuff just laying around here and there that it looks like we don't care! Still haven't found a dresser we like!! I guess being picky is about to end with this! We will be getting the crib sometime after the first of the year. Billy's grandmother, Mimi, buys each great-grandchild their first crib! We are super thankful for that and can't wait for her to meet her third great-grandson!!
It's been very awesome to feel Landon moving and at times seeing him move, not much but little bumps show up!! Apollo will sometimes lay his head on my stomach and sleep and when he sleeps he snores and this snoring sure does get Landon moving around!! I can see Apollo's head moving up and down when Landon kicks! It's really funny!
We are going back to Arkansas on the 16th for baby showers! It's going to be a fast and very tiring trip for the both of us! We have to fly out on the 16th (poor Billy couldn't get the 15th off) and we are renting a car to come back home on the 18th! Whatever we can't fit my Dad will be brining down when Landon gets here! My mom is ready to book her flight two weeks ago! :) She is on freakin cloud 9 and ready to be a grandma, Omi. Dad's pretty excited about becoming a grandpa too!! I can see the trips starting to form in my Dad's head right now!!!
Hopefully the next post we will have some 3D pics of our little boy to show off!!!!