Tuesday, January 26, 2010

29 weeks and 3 days …

 ….11 weeks to go (74 days to go) … whew whew whew!! This pregnancy is going by fast!! I got brave and decided to post a BELLY belly pic!! Probably won’t do that again! HA!!!

Two friends have had their babies in the last few days!! Kate and baby boy Braxton and Shamika and baby girl Savannah!! Cousin Gina with Meredith is next then our neighbor Donna with Coral! We hope Coral stays put till her daddy Justin gets back from work! He works 2 weeks on 2 weeks off as a boat captain in the Gulf!! Justin put Billy on notice that if something happens before he gets home he wants a full police escort to the Naval Base where Donna is delivering hahaha!!! Billy prays Coral stays put!!!

SOOOOOOOOO … I knew that your body would CHANGE with pregnancy but good lord. I have the hairiest belly!! Looks like peach fuzz allllllll over!! I hate it! Billy thinks it’s hilarious especially after I put lotion on it for the stretch marks – it sticks straight up! HA … not so cute!!! And these legs hardly ever get shaved anymore --- it’s super hard to breathe when bending down to reach them!! Poor Billy has to put up with a very hairy woman these days!! At least the underarms are being taken care of!! Everything pops on me now when I ROLL out of bed or stand up from the couch/chair/car/restaurant … not too much different from the non-pregnant me, just a tad louder these days!!

As far as I am concerned that nursery is done!! There are a few things I’d like to put on the walls (shelves and maybe a painting) but if that doesn’t get done --- I am A-OK with it!! We still need a few bigger items (we are waiting after the next shower before we go purchase tho ha!!) and we will be set!! Billy has done an awesome job in that nursery! Putting together all the furniture and painting!! He’s not much for sifting thru all the items (and selfishly I like that too :) I like doing all of that).

Billy has roughly 6 months (I THINK) until he is off probation with the police. He has been doing amazing!!! It’s so cool to read the emails he receives from his lieutenant or sergeant or just to hear other officers who have been on awhile speak so highly of him!!! He’s doing a great job and he LOVES it!! Always looking for trouble hahaha!!

On Saturday we are going to have some maternity photos taken (hopefully if no rain) at the beach and maybe other places around the city! I’m superrrr excited about this! Our friend Sheila does photography as a hobby and she is just amazing!! I can’t wait to share them!! Fingers crossed for the weather!

Have a wonderful week – will post more pics when they arrive :)