Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Baby Boy is spoiled ...

There is no doubt that our son (whoa that sounds awesome to say :) ) is a loved lil guy before he even arrives!! Our trip back home for showers were amazing!! We got sooo many goodies - took us 3 hours to separate and figure out where to put things in his room on Wednesday! But we had a fun time doing it! Few reality checks ... few tears (mainly mine) and a few things being thrown because I couldn't figure them out --- but all is well!! A few pictures from the shower –

The cute cake :)

My dad won the "measure the belly" game! He measured his to guess!! HA

We got some cute things - but I do love this picture frame from Aunt Sandy and Unk John

Leigh, Me, Mandy, Haggan, Jayme and Maegan (we didn't take the pic soon enough and missed Brandy and kiddos)

Mae and Jay out for Dad's birthday at Osaka's

Birthday boy and Mamacita

Billy and Cathy

Me and the Billy

Billy Sr and Faye

What we brought home with us (my folks still have some ha)

No 3D pics this past week like we had hoped! Instead of the one leg in the way – both were up there along with a hand!! He will have to get over this shyness of having his photo taken! Does he not know his mother is Annierazzi!! SOOOO – we are going to try to go back on Monday (that is if he moves head down) for more pics or in the next 2 weeks! **Maybe with a massage thrown in**. The lady is super nice for allowing us to come back so many times and not charge us again!!!!

I am 28 weeks (that’s freakin 7 months!!!!) now and I feel like I just took the test haha!! I have some very busy months ahead of me at work and I pray all continues to go well for me! I have been having some soreness with walking but nothing to drastic … maybe it will continue that way!!!

Hope you all are doing fantastical!! ONLY 12 weeks to go!!!