Wednesday, February 17, 2010

8 months down!

WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Heck yes we are excited! We are sooo super anxious to meet Landon!! I think the dogs are even getting more excited ha! They come in the room now - they used to sit at the door and not go into his room! Now they at least lay down in there with us while we are doing things!!

We spent most of Valentine's Day shopping for Landon's stuff! I know Billy is tired of me getting things that required being PUT TOGETHER :) On the 25th we go tour the hospital maternity area. WHEW ... sinking in more and more! We have one more (maybe two) shower and then things will be getting close to Landon arriving!

My dad's surgery went good. Mom said he was pretty nausea the whole way home from Tulsa (They live in Stilwell, OK) and when he got home. She sounded exhausted! I hate being this far away and not being able to go help them out! I'm glad Jayme Ka was able to take a few days off to head that way and help out. He heads back to Tulsa today for some checkups then he will have to go back once a week for about 4-6 weeks Mom said. That drive will get old real fast I'm sure!! Keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

Tomorrow I leave for Orlando (Univ of Central FL) with 7 of my students who were invited to the Student Leadership Conference there. They are super pumped and some are nervous I'll have Landon on the interstate hahaha!!! OHHH the cream of the crop they are. We are there till Saturday! Should be a fun tiring 3 days.

Hope some of yall are clearing out from under the snow. As cold as it is in the AM's down here it needs to snow! FROST everywhere ... the dogs do not enjoy morning walks!!

Have a great week!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

31 weeks and kicking ...

OHHHH Woe is me … my baby KIA’s water pumped died this week :( … I have 101K miles on my baby girl and she is just not starting to get sick. Which is awesome I think – annoying albeit – but awesome!! She’s been a good car – been on many road trips to many places and is going (SHE BETTER AT LEAST!!!) to last us a few more years before we need to even THINK about looking at a new vehicle!! When that happens I doubt we get another KIA (course whew that Borrego looks AWESOME!!!) because Billy HATES working with my car! HA!!! KIA has been down since Wednesday afternoon and Billy has been my chauffer since and lord I keep getting reminded that I NEED TO LEARN TO DRIVE A STANDARD!!! Eh …

Getting all my paperwork together at work for maternity leave now – and thank goodness for an awesome HR dept at Jax Univ! I drive those ladies insane with questions!! I got told the other day to COME OVER HERE NOW – because she was tired of talking oat me on the phone hahahha!!! I think they will be ecstatic when I take those weeks off hahaah!!

Getting my things together for my summer component with my students – wow – just looking over things makes me overwhelmed! AND we were told that we are more than likely hosting our state’s TRiO summer Olympic Games. Ohhhhh mercy mercy mercy!! The more I plan for the summer the more I get freaked out! It is going to be hard I think at times with having Landon and with Billy’s work schedule and no family around to babysit :) … I’m very grateful to the friends we have made here that are already planning their summer to help us out!! Without even asking they are stepping up and that’s awesome to me!!

31 weeks – roughly 9 weeks to go!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! After my g/f Leigh and cousin Gina having their babies – I’m super anixious!! Our good friends Justin and Donna are due any day now :) with their baby girl Coral … there’s a HUGE baby boom going on!! I love it!! so many good friends/family with babies so close to age will be mucho mucho fun in a few years haha!!! PARRRTTTIIIEEESSS galore!!

I’m ready to see those COLTS put it down in the super bowl!! I have LOOOOOOVED Manning since he was a VOL :) Billy is pulling for those Saints that can’t spell!! Kate I hope yall got Braxton a Colts jersey :)

Monday we are going for our last 3D pics … we are totally happy with the ones we already have but the gal we go to just doesn’t think 29 pictures are good enough! So we will see if Landon is any more cooperative or not this time!! We go tour the maternity ward on the 25th! I’m super excited about that! We aren’t doing any “classes” except me with the breastfeeding class – Billy is very happy to not be going to that one! HA I’m semi looking forward to it! I figure I don’t need the other classes – nurses will tell me when to PUSH and when to chill out ha!! Billy is more ready than me – he watches so much stuff on the internet and the things he learned in the police academy – he is ready to ROLL :)

Take care … and look for more 3D pics … hopefully!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maternity Pictures!

Hope you all enjoy the photos!! We had a great time out there! Our friend Sheila did an amazing job for us!! Now to pick out the ones we love the most and frame! :)