Wednesday, February 17, 2010

8 months down!

WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Heck yes we are excited! We are sooo super anxious to meet Landon!! I think the dogs are even getting more excited ha! They come in the room now - they used to sit at the door and not go into his room! Now they at least lay down in there with us while we are doing things!!

We spent most of Valentine's Day shopping for Landon's stuff! I know Billy is tired of me getting things that required being PUT TOGETHER :) On the 25th we go tour the hospital maternity area. WHEW ... sinking in more and more! We have one more (maybe two) shower and then things will be getting close to Landon arriving!

My dad's surgery went good. Mom said he was pretty nausea the whole way home from Tulsa (They live in Stilwell, OK) and when he got home. She sounded exhausted! I hate being this far away and not being able to go help them out! I'm glad Jayme Ka was able to take a few days off to head that way and help out. He heads back to Tulsa today for some checkups then he will have to go back once a week for about 4-6 weeks Mom said. That drive will get old real fast I'm sure!! Keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

Tomorrow I leave for Orlando (Univ of Central FL) with 7 of my students who were invited to the Student Leadership Conference there. They are super pumped and some are nervous I'll have Landon on the interstate hahaha!!! OHHH the cream of the crop they are. We are there till Saturday! Should be a fun tiring 3 days.

Hope some of yall are clearing out from under the snow. As cold as it is in the AM's down here it needs to snow! FROST everywhere ... the dogs do not enjoy morning walks!!

Have a great week!!