Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breech Boy ...

... Leave it to me to have an ass backwards kiddo!!

As of March 24th our lil guy was breech. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and HOPEFULLY he has made some progress (I have this feeling he hasn't - still feels the same in the tummy soooo .... maybe I'm wrong!). I was told by the doc that I have a few options :) WAIT and see if he turns on his own, get an epidural and have the docs try and turn him manually or C-section. I'm going for option 1, option 2 is ok but option 3 is not on my radar right now!! Please say a prayer that he flips!!!

Hit the 38th week mark on Saturday!! WHEW!!!

We are PRETTY sure we have everything we need to get Landon home! I have a few random things I'd still LIKE to get - but not overly concerned if we don't get them!! Got the car seat in - whew! Poor Billy haha!! It will not move from my car until we get a new car :) or new car-seat!!

My mom will be flying in either the 3rd or 4th and will be down for about 3-4 weeks!!! SUPER excited about that!!! Dad will come down to pick her up and transport her back :) He won't get to stay long :( but I'm so excited he finally gets to see our house!! He saw it before we moved in - he helped move us in actually Thanksgiving Day 08 haha!!! I'd put him to work but I know he'll be tired sooooooo .... :)

Billy’s mom - Cathy and his sis Julie, hubby Josh and cutest Jackman eva ... will be down in May sometime. Looking forward to all the family coming in and lending hands!! My sister will be down in June and still till end of July - then August - whew we are on our own! HA!!!

Not alot happening in my world these days! Feet swell alot, pain here and there, sickness still around, dizzy, backaches ... ready for this kiddo to make his exit!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

1cm - 9 to go :)

Visit to the doctor on the 17th went good. Did the whole “dilation” exam (we are at 1cm) – good lord that hurt some! Then she checked “manually” :) to see if Landon has moved head down – lots of shaking she did – that was VERY uncomfy for sure!! She said she can’t say for 100% that he is head down – it was either a head or a very firm butt! HA … I pray it was his head!! I go back every week now till the lil man gets here!!! It was a HUGE reality check yesterday!!!

Billy and I met a couple on our honeymoon cruise trip that we still keep in contact with – Jeff and Bonnie – and we got an email from them yesterday and they are 12.5 weeks pregnant!! So many babies coming into this world!! My g/fs Lindsay and Yohira are about a day apart on their due dates in September and they are getting close to their half way mark!! Super excited for them! I think they said they had about 4-5 weeks to go before finding out the sex of their babies (I’m hoping for girls so I can buy some girly stuff this go around for friend’s hahaha course if boys they can get some hand-me-downs!!).

Yesterday we (ok Landon) got a package in the mail from Aunt Julie, Unk Josh and Cousin Jackman … isn’t this diaper bag CUTE!!!!

It was full of lots of goodies as well for our lil dude!! Landon is coming into such a HUGE and LOVING family!! I loved taking pictures with my cousins – still do – and I can’t wait to get tons of pictures of him and Jackman together!!!

Billy goes back to work today – I am off till Monday – go figure! Our days off never match up it seems!! I hate that too! I need him around to COOK FOR ME :) And keep me from snacking too much! We hope he will have a new cop car soon – fingers crossed! The one he has now has been giving him a lot of issues – as well as our neighborhood when the alarm would just GO OFF every 30 minutes! HA

My dad got cleared to go back to work yesterday as well!!! YAY!!! AMEN!!!! Hallelujah!! He has been going crazy at home with not much to do but make more messes apparently hahaha!!! I’m very excited he is going back to work too – means maybe he can start back up with some vacation time and head this way at the end or middle of April!! I know I get my whininess from him when I’m down and out – so I know mom is great need of a vacation as well! HA!! I LOVE YOU DADDY!! HAHAHA!!!

Roughly 3-4 weeks to go – Billy thinks I’ll go between April 1-5!! We shall see!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

36 weeks

And I am ready to evict this child with all my heart!! I reallllllly understand that complaining is not something people want to listen to - so - don't read anymore.

I am miserable! Oh goooood lord I truly didn't realize how rough the last few weeks would be, maybe on some people it's not as bad but WHOA ... and wow these hormones are really getting outta control! I cry at EVERYTHING and get soooooooo upset over EVERYTHING too. Feeling vulnerable is a good way to put how I feel at times as well. I hate that feeling too! I have only felt like that one other time in my life - and that was after my car wreck hahaha!!!

Whew - ok I think I am done with all that :)

I can't believe how fast these 9 months have flown by!! I love going in his room and just staring at everything, I can't wait to have him in there!! I just hope we have most items in place for when he gets home ... if not I guess we will figure it out ha!!

I will probably be back at work a few weeks befor my 5 week summer program starts, so I have been pretty busy with work getting things in line for the summer and making sure all is ready to roll on my part when I get back. My sister, Jayme, will be spending the summer with us so she can watch Landon for us during the program when Billy's at work. We are reallllly happy about this!! I was a bit in freak out mode over how things would work out with daycare and our schedules this summer. Billy works 6pm-6am and I leave our house around 6:30am and usually don't get home till 7pm during the summer - and the daycare we are looking at doesn't work in those hours :(

About 4 weeks to go ....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

27 and pregnant 8-)

Had a great birthday weekend! Martin and Mary came up on Saturday and off we went to EAT!! Friends who enjoy eating as much as you do -thats good friends!! We went to Kanki (Japanese Steakhouse) - Billy loves that place!! It was alot of fun - interesting people all around us! HA!! Monday night Billy took me to Stonewood Grill - ummmm that will be a new fave place of mine!!! SOOO GOOODDD!!! Didn't see myself turning 27 and in a few weeks giving birth hahaha!!! LIFE IS GRAND!

35 Weeks

About to hit the 9 month mark!! WOW! I’m on edge! Super anxious and ready for lil Landon to be here!! I’m going to have a SON!! So awesome to say!! Billy is super pumped as well! We bought our last few items that we will need when he gets home – we hope anyways haha! Billy is ready to be done with putting things together I think! He has done a great job – from painting the room, putting together crib, listening to me whine about NOTHING at all, to going to all doc appts with me and listening to THOSE women whine … he’s a trooper!!

We had a wonderful shower given to us by some great friends on March 7th! it was a fun time – lots of friends we haven’t got to see in a few months and receiving news of more friends expecting their babies!!! It was definitely a wonderful day!


The boys and the bottle chugging game :)

Sarah, Melissa, Jessica, Moi and Mary - my hostesses (minus Jackie)

Landon's Goodies

The dogs just HAD to check everything out

Me and Papi :)

As my bestie Mary Jo put it – the baby boom has begun!! Each month since November friends have been having babies!! Megan, Gina L, Kate, Gina G and Donna. It’s so very awesome to know all our kiddos will be in the same age range! Talk about all the birthdays that will be going on each year!! HAHA!! As far as close friends go – I guess I’m next!! WHEW!! Then Mary, Whitney, Yohira and Linds. And we know of three others who are pregnant as well!!! It’s super exciting … all boys except one so far and Yohira and Linds got about 5 weeks before they know!!!!!

I’m ready for family visits to start … and I can’t wait to see my nephew, Jackman!! He’s gonna be a SUPA AWESOME big cousin!!!!!

4ish weeks to go .....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the home stretch ...

Had a great doc visit today!! Lil Landon is doing awesome!! Still head up tho :( but we are hoping he moves down before time to GO!!! Next appt is St Patty's day and then I'll start my weekly visits!! Also on next appt doc will check dilation on me --- that sounded SOOOO strange when she said that today!! I must have looked terrified because she broke down what all they would do (I know the whole process ha THANKS MOM) and that was suppose to ease my nerves! HAHA!!!

I'm tired of hearing about "birth plans" - yes I understand some couples want to have one and that's fine, but don't push them on those who do not care to have one. Labor is so unpredictable and I feel that my doctor's respect me enough to listen to what I have to say about what I want done - I don't need a document telling them that. Billy will be there for my support as well - we both know what we want and he's all the backup I need. People view a lot of things so differently and it's so hilarious to me how open they say they are they still try to compete in some way with your views.

Off that soap box

I've gained 16lbs so far!! YIKES! HA ... not too bad ... I do know I miss that gym and the bootcamp program! Never thought I would say that!! But man it was nice loosing 25lbs and working towards losing more!! Can't wait to get back in that routine! It was a hard routine to begin but with some great friends doing the same thing was so much easier to deal with than doing it by myself!!

Looks like (got one more document to turn in) I'll be starting grad school (AGAIN HAHA) in August. Going to be doing a degree online thru Arkansas Tech University. MS in College Personnel. I'm super pumped about it! I am the WORST flip flopper ever when it comes to grad school. I have changed programs three times and looked at like six different ones!! I drive Billy up the wall with this stuff!!

34 weeks and counting ....