Thursday, March 18, 2010

1cm - 9 to go :)

Visit to the doctor on the 17th went good. Did the whole “dilation” exam (we are at 1cm) – good lord that hurt some! Then she checked “manually” :) to see if Landon has moved head down – lots of shaking she did – that was VERY uncomfy for sure!! She said she can’t say for 100% that he is head down – it was either a head or a very firm butt! HA … I pray it was his head!! I go back every week now till the lil man gets here!!! It was a HUGE reality check yesterday!!!

Billy and I met a couple on our honeymoon cruise trip that we still keep in contact with – Jeff and Bonnie – and we got an email from them yesterday and they are 12.5 weeks pregnant!! So many babies coming into this world!! My g/fs Lindsay and Yohira are about a day apart on their due dates in September and they are getting close to their half way mark!! Super excited for them! I think they said they had about 4-5 weeks to go before finding out the sex of their babies (I’m hoping for girls so I can buy some girly stuff this go around for friend’s hahaha course if boys they can get some hand-me-downs!!).

Yesterday we (ok Landon) got a package in the mail from Aunt Julie, Unk Josh and Cousin Jackman … isn’t this diaper bag CUTE!!!!

It was full of lots of goodies as well for our lil dude!! Landon is coming into such a HUGE and LOVING family!! I loved taking pictures with my cousins – still do – and I can’t wait to get tons of pictures of him and Jackman together!!!

Billy goes back to work today – I am off till Monday – go figure! Our days off never match up it seems!! I hate that too! I need him around to COOK FOR ME :) And keep me from snacking too much! We hope he will have a new cop car soon – fingers crossed! The one he has now has been giving him a lot of issues – as well as our neighborhood when the alarm would just GO OFF every 30 minutes! HA

My dad got cleared to go back to work yesterday as well!!! YAY!!! AMEN!!!! Hallelujah!! He has been going crazy at home with not much to do but make more messes apparently hahaha!!! I’m very excited he is going back to work too – means maybe he can start back up with some vacation time and head this way at the end or middle of April!! I know I get my whininess from him when I’m down and out – so I know mom is great need of a vacation as well! HA!! I LOVE YOU DADDY!! HAHAHA!!!

Roughly 3-4 weeks to go – Billy thinks I’ll go between April 1-5!! We shall see!!!!