Thursday, March 11, 2010

27 and pregnant 8-)

Had a great birthday weekend! Martin and Mary came up on Saturday and off we went to EAT!! Friends who enjoy eating as much as you do -thats good friends!! We went to Kanki (Japanese Steakhouse) - Billy loves that place!! It was alot of fun - interesting people all around us! HA!! Monday night Billy took me to Stonewood Grill - ummmm that will be a new fave place of mine!!! SOOO GOOODDD!!! Didn't see myself turning 27 and in a few weeks giving birth hahaha!!! LIFE IS GRAND!

35 Weeks

About to hit the 9 month mark!! WOW! I’m on edge! Super anxious and ready for lil Landon to be here!! I’m going to have a SON!! So awesome to say!! Billy is super pumped as well! We bought our last few items that we will need when he gets home – we hope anyways haha! Billy is ready to be done with putting things together I think! He has done a great job – from painting the room, putting together crib, listening to me whine about NOTHING at all, to going to all doc appts with me and listening to THOSE women whine … he’s a trooper!!

We had a wonderful shower given to us by some great friends on March 7th! it was a fun time – lots of friends we haven’t got to see in a few months and receiving news of more friends expecting their babies!!! It was definitely a wonderful day!


The boys and the bottle chugging game :)

Sarah, Melissa, Jessica, Moi and Mary - my hostesses (minus Jackie)

Landon's Goodies

The dogs just HAD to check everything out

Me and Papi :)

As my bestie Mary Jo put it – the baby boom has begun!! Each month since November friends have been having babies!! Megan, Gina L, Kate, Gina G and Donna. It’s so very awesome to know all our kiddos will be in the same age range! Talk about all the birthdays that will be going on each year!! HAHA!! As far as close friends go – I guess I’m next!! WHEW!! Then Mary, Whitney, Yohira and Linds. And we know of three others who are pregnant as well!!! It’s super exciting … all boys except one so far and Yohira and Linds got about 5 weeks before they know!!!!!

I’m ready for family visits to start … and I can’t wait to see my nephew, Jackman!! He’s gonna be a SUPA AWESOME big cousin!!!!!

4ish weeks to go .....