Monday, March 15, 2010

36 weeks

And I am ready to evict this child with all my heart!! I reallllllly understand that complaining is not something people want to listen to - so - don't read anymore.

I am miserable! Oh goooood lord I truly didn't realize how rough the last few weeks would be, maybe on some people it's not as bad but WHOA ... and wow these hormones are really getting outta control! I cry at EVERYTHING and get soooooooo upset over EVERYTHING too. Feeling vulnerable is a good way to put how I feel at times as well. I hate that feeling too! I have only felt like that one other time in my life - and that was after my car wreck hahaha!!!

Whew - ok I think I am done with all that :)

I can't believe how fast these 9 months have flown by!! I love going in his room and just staring at everything, I can't wait to have him in there!! I just hope we have most items in place for when he gets home ... if not I guess we will figure it out ha!!

I will probably be back at work a few weeks befor my 5 week summer program starts, so I have been pretty busy with work getting things in line for the summer and making sure all is ready to roll on my part when I get back. My sister, Jayme, will be spending the summer with us so she can watch Landon for us during the program when Billy's at work. We are reallllly happy about this!! I was a bit in freak out mode over how things would work out with daycare and our schedules this summer. Billy works 6pm-6am and I leave our house around 6:30am and usually don't get home till 7pm during the summer - and the daycare we are looking at doesn't work in those hours :(

About 4 weeks to go ....