Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breech Boy ...

... Leave it to me to have an ass backwards kiddo!!

As of March 24th our lil guy was breech. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and HOPEFULLY he has made some progress (I have this feeling he hasn't - still feels the same in the tummy soooo .... maybe I'm wrong!). I was told by the doc that I have a few options :) WAIT and see if he turns on his own, get an epidural and have the docs try and turn him manually or C-section. I'm going for option 1, option 2 is ok but option 3 is not on my radar right now!! Please say a prayer that he flips!!!

Hit the 38th week mark on Saturday!! WHEW!!!

We are PRETTY sure we have everything we need to get Landon home! I have a few random things I'd still LIKE to get - but not overly concerned if we don't get them!! Got the car seat in - whew! Poor Billy haha!! It will not move from my car until we get a new car :) or new car-seat!!

My mom will be flying in either the 3rd or 4th and will be down for about 3-4 weeks!!! SUPER excited about that!!! Dad will come down to pick her up and transport her back :) He won't get to stay long :( but I'm so excited he finally gets to see our house!! He saw it before we moved in - he helped move us in actually Thanksgiving Day 08 haha!!! I'd put him to work but I know he'll be tired sooooooo .... :)

Billy’s mom - Cathy and his sis Julie, hubby Josh and cutest Jackman eva ... will be down in May sometime. Looking forward to all the family coming in and lending hands!! My sister will be down in June and still till end of July - then August - whew we are on our own! HA!!!

Not alot happening in my world these days! Feet swell alot, pain here and there, sickness still around, dizzy, backaches ... ready for this kiddo to make his exit!!!