Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the home stretch ...

Had a great doc visit today!! Lil Landon is doing awesome!! Still head up tho :( but we are hoping he moves down before time to GO!!! Next appt is St Patty's day and then I'll start my weekly visits!! Also on next appt doc will check dilation on me --- that sounded SOOOO strange when she said that today!! I must have looked terrified because she broke down what all they would do (I know the whole process ha THANKS MOM) and that was suppose to ease my nerves! HAHA!!!

I'm tired of hearing about "birth plans" - yes I understand some couples want to have one and that's fine, but don't push them on those who do not care to have one. Labor is so unpredictable and I feel that my doctor's respect me enough to listen to what I have to say about what I want done - I don't need a document telling them that. Billy will be there for my support as well - we both know what we want and he's all the backup I need. People view a lot of things so differently and it's so hilarious to me how open they say they are they still try to compete in some way with your views.

Off that soap box

I've gained 16lbs so far!! YIKES! HA ... not too bad ... I do know I miss that gym and the bootcamp program! Never thought I would say that!! But man it was nice loosing 25lbs and working towards losing more!! Can't wait to get back in that routine! It was a hard routine to begin but with some great friends doing the same thing was so much easier to deal with than doing it by myself!!

Looks like (got one more document to turn in) I'll be starting grad school (AGAIN HAHA) in August. Going to be doing a degree online thru Arkansas Tech University. MS in College Personnel. I'm super pumped about it! I am the WORST flip flopper ever when it comes to grad school. I have changed programs three times and looked at like six different ones!! I drive Billy up the wall with this stuff!!

34 weeks and counting ....