Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We've made it 3 weeks so far :)

My g/f Sheila (who took our maternity pictures) came over and took some Otwell :) family photos and some of our lil guy Landon! I definitely plan on getting her back over to do his 3-6-9-12 month pics – if she will!!

Three generations

Mom (Omi), Dad (Pappa) and AUNT Jayme were over ecstatic to meet their grandson/nephew. Mom was amazing the weeks she was here!! She cleaned, cooked, did the laundry, dishes, walked the dogs … we didn’t know what to do!! Her and Billy were wonderful to me – I didn’t lift a finger for much and they took such good care of me while I was recouping!

It was so very hard on me the first “work” days for Billy. He works 6pm-6am and being alone with Landon without my tag team partner was HARD!! Landon cried, I cried … that’s how some of our days go! Not ashamed about it – I’m just not all that sure about his cries yet … course I really don’t think one can ever figure them out fully hahaha!

We’ve had many many visitors come by and see our lil guy! We have such a great 2nd family down here! It’s amazing!!! Always checking in on us!!

Our friends Yohira & Crom and Lindsay & Josh both found out a few weeks ago they are both having GIRLS :) We are all very much thrilled for them! They are due one day apart in September. Then in November our friends Cynthia & Jeff will be getting married and in February our friends Jackie & Ben will be getting married!!!! Babies and weddings!!! It’s awesome! Just waiting on Amy and Fahey now haha! :)

May 12th the Parker’s will be arriving here at the Abbott Casa! We are super excited for Aunt Julie, Unk Josh and big cousin Jackman to meet Landon. May 15th Cathy (Nana) and Mimi (great-grandma) will be arriving here too!! It’ll be great to have more family down!!

Aunt Jayme will be coming back on June 26th and staying with us till the end of July to help with Landon during my summer program at work. We will be using our church’s daycare for Landon after all family is gone! They are great people – for a great price and they are willing to work with us when Billy only works 2 days a week or if he works the full week. It’s very nice to have such a great place and the willingness to work with us regarding our schedules!! Our church is having a shower for us May 4th as well!

Billy will be off probation August 1st! WOW … now he can really do some damage! Ha! OHHH Just kidding!! He’s worked realllllly hard and is doing an amazing job! He finally got a brand new car – 2010 Impala. His old car was having issues left and right and we were beyond stoked when he was told he was on the list for a new one!

Enjoy the pictures – thanks for all the gifts/cards/and well wishes!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Landon's arrival ...


Landon Thomas Wesley Abbott arrived into this world at 8:36am on April 6th 2010 weighing 8lbs 12.5oz and was 19.5 in long. Big guy :).

I went to my normal weekly (39 weeks) appt on Monday and my blood pressure was REALLLLY high for me and the ultrasound showed him still breech and weighing more than my doc felt comfortable with doing an aversion on me. And with the headache I had plus blood pressure we saw the doc then I was wheeled up to the hospital to labor and delivery. Hooked up to all sorts of monitors and watched for a few hours – doc came in and told me c-section was in order and that it would happen Tuesday morning. Soooo Billy took Mom back to our house packed the things we didn’t take with us :) and he came back to stay the night with me, got up at 5am to go home and get mom and they headed back to the hospital. At 6am nurses were “prepping me” for the c-section and at 7:30 I was headed in for delivery!!

I have some scoliosis in my back so it took about 4 times before the epidural went in correctly – that was some pain – but when it TOOK boy did it ever! Laid me back brought in Billy and the “FUN” began!! I never heard a cry or anything – I just saw the nurse come around with this purple looking critter :) then Billy came back with him all cleaned up and for me to see!!! He was perfect!!!

Got back into the room – was sick for a bit – then a few hours later they wheeled in our baby boy for us to start loving on! What an amazing sight he was to see – LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.
We left the hospital on Thursday and have been home soaking him up since! Mom is heaven with her first grandbaby!!! Billy and I had a reallllly rough first two nights – but the nights have become much better! Mom took him Sunday night for us so we could get some sleep before the doctor appointments and errands we had to do for other things! That was a blessing for us!!
Monday we got his birth certificate – so now he is legit! Ha!! We also had our one week doctor visit for Landon … he has lost a few ounces but apparently that’s normal and he is SUPER healthy!! We pray he stays this way! We go back again next week for the 2 week visit … I’m tired of weekly visits! HA … from me to him! My first visit back to my doc will be next week as well. In May Landon will have a hip ultrasound done at the children’s hospital here to make sure all is ok with his hips and legs

Dad and AUNT Jayme will be here tomorrow (Wednesday) night! They are both sooo excited – my Dad especially!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Red Sox and Landon :)

I’m soooo very very ready for baseball season! I probably won’t get to watch too many games – but man I am stoked to have something on besides basketball! HA. Sox are playing the Rays in August – we HOPE if all is grand and feel Lil Landon can handle it (or well I can handle walking in the shade with him and not sitting and watching the game haha) we will be down in Tampa for those games! AIYE!!! **giddy school girl scream**

39 weeks today – WHOA! Where the crap did this pregnancy go!! I’d be soo lying thru my teeth if I said I have totally enjoyed all of this. Heartburn since 4th month … sickness since week 12 … NO flippin sleep for the past 7 months … all the lovely aches that nothing can be done to except “get used to it” … head colds that you can’t take anything strong for … Ok I’m done --- I think! It has been pretty cool to see my lil alien move around – but whew I am ready to have my body back!!

We are going to the doctor on Monday afternoon – we will discuss if Tuesday or Wednesday we want to go into the hospital. What we have been told – I will be put in, docs will try and manually turn Landon, if they get him turned they will induce me and the fun begins! If they cannot turn him they will do a c-section. At this point – I just want him OUT and in great health. So we are praying that by Wednesday our SON will be here!! Son … wow!! That’s awesome to say.

My mamacita is coming in tomorrow night! Sooo excited for her to be down here before the lil guy gets here!! Assuming he doesn’t decide to pop out tonight or tomorrow before she gets here! HAHA!! She is ready for a vacation too! Already told Billy he WILL be grilling and she WILL be taken to the beach :-) … what mama wants mama gets (BILLY PLEASE REMEMBER THIS MMMMKKKKKK!!!!!!)

We are so excited about everything going on around us – but its even more awesome :) to see how excited our friends are for us!! It’s amazing all the support we have from our “second family”. It’s definitely been hard (I will say for me anyways) without family around going thru the last 9-10 months with all of this. But wow – I can’t say enough about the friends we have here … they are truly amazing and are the definition of support.

Hope you all have a very wonderful Easter weekend! Prayfully next update will be nothing but pictures of our FAMILY!!!!