Saturday, April 3, 2010

Red Sox and Landon :)

I’m soooo very very ready for baseball season! I probably won’t get to watch too many games – but man I am stoked to have something on besides basketball! HA. Sox are playing the Rays in August – we HOPE if all is grand and feel Lil Landon can handle it (or well I can handle walking in the shade with him and not sitting and watching the game haha) we will be down in Tampa for those games! AIYE!!! **giddy school girl scream**

39 weeks today – WHOA! Where the crap did this pregnancy go!! I’d be soo lying thru my teeth if I said I have totally enjoyed all of this. Heartburn since 4th month … sickness since week 12 … NO flippin sleep for the past 7 months … all the lovely aches that nothing can be done to except “get used to it” … head colds that you can’t take anything strong for … Ok I’m done --- I think! It has been pretty cool to see my lil alien move around – but whew I am ready to have my body back!!

We are going to the doctor on Monday afternoon – we will discuss if Tuesday or Wednesday we want to go into the hospital. What we have been told – I will be put in, docs will try and manually turn Landon, if they get him turned they will induce me and the fun begins! If they cannot turn him they will do a c-section. At this point – I just want him OUT and in great health. So we are praying that by Wednesday our SON will be here!! Son … wow!! That’s awesome to say.

My mamacita is coming in tomorrow night! Sooo excited for her to be down here before the lil guy gets here!! Assuming he doesn’t decide to pop out tonight or tomorrow before she gets here! HAHA!! She is ready for a vacation too! Already told Billy he WILL be grilling and she WILL be taken to the beach :-) … what mama wants mama gets (BILLY PLEASE REMEMBER THIS MMMMKKKKKK!!!!!!)

We are so excited about everything going on around us – but its even more awesome :) to see how excited our friends are for us!! It’s amazing all the support we have from our “second family”. It’s definitely been hard (I will say for me anyways) without family around going thru the last 9-10 months with all of this. But wow – I can’t say enough about the friends we have here … they are truly amazing and are the definition of support.

Hope you all have a very wonderful Easter weekend! Prayfully next update will be nothing but pictures of our FAMILY!!!!