Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching Up ...

It’s been a bit! I am just too tired to do much updating! Went back to work this past week (the 24th) and wow … adjusting to my work and Landon’s sleep is HARD! But we are doing pretty well! On Billy’s days off he will stay up with him so that I can go to bed and get some sleep! Then I take the morning shifts and he gets to spend the day with Daddy :)

We had a great time with the Parker’s and the grandmas! Mimi got to meet her 5th great-grandchild!! She was pretty thrilled! Jackman is the big cousin – and he was sooooo freakin cute with Landon! One morning he walked over to the swing and said “Good morning baby lannon” – course that is what it sounded liked to me! He also called Billy FIVE OH … HAHAH!! Now that was hilarious! He was not so happy when AUNT Julie was holding baby lannon and not him!! We went out to the beach a few times but lots of down time at home was had – and much needed!!

~Mimi and Landon~
~Lil Cousin Landon and Big Cousin Jackman~
~ Me and my sweeeetie~
~Nana and Landon~

~Unk Josh with his baby boy and nephew~

~Nana (Julie/Billys mom) Landon, Julie, Jackman and Mimi (Billys gma)~

The Abbott Kids with their Kids :-)

BIG CONGRATS TO MY BESTIE Mary Jo and her hubby Martin … their baby boy Jude Wesley has arrived!! (Stole your pic Mary!!) He was born on May 26th (awesome day!!) at 1:08pm weighing in at 7lbs and stretching 19inches! I cannot WAIT to meet this lil guy!! I’m pretty dang excited that our boys will grow up together – its gonna be a funnn time.

Landon is doing a TON of smiling! OHHHHH how it makes me giggle with joy! I just loooooove seeing him grin!! He is really getting into playin on his mat … he still doesn’t like to be on his tummy tho – screams his lil head off! But I try to put him down as mjuch as I can for some “tummy time” each day – I can’t take those screams much tho! Poor baby! He is still pretty fussy at night – there are a few things we THINK it is – but a new “thing” that has come to light is that he MIGHT POSSIBLY be teething!! What the crap …. Yyyyeeeaaaaa so when we go to the doc for his 2 (yes TWO!!!!) month checkup we will be asking MANY questions!!
By far one of the funniest!

Billy and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 26th (yeeaaa Jude’s bday!! YAY for that great day). We went to the Crab Cake Factory (I enjoyed a steak ha). It was a lot of fun to go on a date!! A guy Billy works with and his wife (and 2 girls!) watched Landon for us! I think they were a bit put out we came back within in 3 hours! They wanted us to stay out longer hahha!!! Great folks they are! A crazy fast 3 years it has been – we have enjoyed it all!

In roughly 3.5 weeks my sister, Jayme, will be down for 5 weeks! She is coming to help out with Landon during my summer program at work! We are pretty excited about her coming down – I know she is super ready to get here!! Have a feeling her, Landon and Billy (on his days off) will be visiting the beach A LOT …while I’m working! HA!!

On July 31st Billy will be off probation with the police department!! YAY!! The whole reason we moved here has definitely paid off … haha! Billy has never been this happy with a job! Career really … he has sooo many plans for himself and with JSO so many options!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day – take time to remember those who gave their lives for our country and those who are still fighting for it!