Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

I am still in awe everyday that Landon is here and that my life has completely changed. I love it, it’s hard at times but I truly honestly would not trade it for anything. It was always funny to me when I would hear parents (moms especially) say that they cannot remember life without their child. I totally get this statement now.

He turned a month old on May 6th and the past 4 weeks have been filled with soooo many exciting times and some challenging ones. Challenging because Billy and I are still trying to figure Landon out and he is trying to figure us out!! The only ones who have got things figured out are Zeus and Apollo – they sniff him, they whine when he does and Zeus will sit on your feet when you pick his baby up!!!

Mother’s Day is tomorrow … I truly never pictured celebrating this day with anyone other than my own mother! I’m super excited to enjoy my :) day tomorrow!! I have had many chats with God and Landon :) promising to be the best Mother I can be – I am quite nervous about this journey but looking forward to it! I have a great (such an understatement) Mother who has been truly amazing the past 4 weeks especially with helping as much as she can from Oklahoma with the difficulties I have at times. What great shoes I have to fill :). I call my Mom everyday – and normally apologize for something stupid I did growing up! Working with high school kids and their “sassy” attitudes make me want to slap a few of them – and then I laugh and think “WOW no wonder my parents are crazy – I totally made them that way!” Not only did I make them crazy but I know (and it hurts me to know this) that I hurt them and I disappointed them many many times and YET they didn’t give up on me or shun me. And wow I did some pretty stupid things. My parents worked VERY hard to give my sister and me the things we NEEDED and at times things we wanted. My parents did without things they wanted and probably needed to make sure we didn’t go without. They are without a doubt the most amazing parents ever :)

I cannot wait till I hear Landon say “Mommy”. Just staring at him sleep makes my heart melt and I tear up – the day he says that one word will probably cause a waterfall of tears!

I cannot wait to share in Billy’s enjoyment of Father’s Day!!