Sunday, June 20, 2010

My lil grinner!

The past few weeks have been great!! Landon has gone from being "fussy" (I don't like the word colic anymore) for 2.5 - 3 hours to 30-45 minutes!!! It's WONDERFUL!!!!!! He is eating great, sleeping wonderfully thru the night and grinning up a storm!!

He loves his Daddy

My baby is 2 months old!!!!

Billy will soon be off probation - we are super excited about that!! He can work some overtime now! YAY!! He has put in a transfer to another watch - he is now working 6pm - 6am --- he wants to work 3p - 3a --- hopefully it will be changed soon! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

My summer program starts tomorrow - WHEW!! Jayme Ka will be here NEXT Monday - thank goodness! Then I'll have to find a sitter for August on out - yikes!!

Not alot to say ... just very happy to have my lil boy calming down more in the evening!! Hope you all are doing fab - have a great week!