Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trucking right along ...

2 months! Well tomorrow 2 months :-) … the last few weeks have been trying. We go to the doc on Monday for the normal 2 month checkup and a ton of questions will be rambled off! His fussiness has fluctuated – one day it’s calmer (lasting about an hour) and other days it’ll last thru the evening and then he will be WIDE AWAKE and not at all ready to sleep. WHEW!! I’ve had much advice given to me – a lot of it has worked or will work when he starts his “discussions” with us! And I’m verrry much appreciative to have so many moms’ sharing what has worked for them for us to try!

Memorial weekend we went out with our friends Donna and Justin and their baby girl Coral! It was lot of fun! First time boating for Landon! YAY! AND big moment for Coral – she rolled over – at the beach!! Mama Donna was thrilled!!!! It was too cute!! Landon did OK until towards the end of the day out there – he started up with his daily fussiness! Pretty sure they are stoked Coral isn’t like that hahahaha!! We had a great time and Landon loooooves the beach which makes for a very very happy Daddy!!!

Landon and Coral - beach bummin

Coral about to roll over

Momma (Donna) and Coral - sooo freakin cute

the boys! Billy and the chef of the day Capt Justin


I don't think I will ever get old of seeing Dolphins!

My summer program starts up in 2 weeks!! I’m pretty excited about it! My schedule will not be as near as crazy as it was last year – which I’m very thankful for that! Jayme will be down on the 28th and be leaving on the 28th of July! We were going to meet halfway but Dad has decided NO to that and she will be flying into Orlando (Billy and Landon will be picking her up!!!!). She is very much ready to be down here for a bit and chill before she gets back to Oklahoma and into school!! SOOOO very proud of her for going back to school! Never have enough education!

Our friends Crom and Yohira are having a baby GIRL!! Bella Sophia (not sure if it’s “ph” or “f”) – Bella is due September 15th and they will be moving to Pittsburgh on the 24th of this month! I’m sad!!! I will be missing them greatly! They are such a great couple and amazing friends!! Yohira (can’t speak for Crom) has never seen SNOW!!! I’m excited for her but I know she will be freezing her lil Cuban butt off!! Crom is a Marine and will be doing recruitment up there – I have a feeling I’ll be visiting with the snow gets THICK up there :).

Red Sox will be in Tampa last weekend in August – I’m pumped already and praying that if all continues the way it is we will be there!! We hope to catch the Saturday and Sunday games! The first pre-season Jaguars game is against the Dolphins - we will probably have to make that game if Billy’s off!! He is becoming a Dolphins fan – I don’t blame him! Who knows how much longer these Jags will be here!! Tickets seem to be getting cheaper tho haha!!!

Billy has started his 5 days off! Very much ready to have him home at night … I miss his cooking! And I know he misses his time away from us (well maybe Landon more hahaha). He has put in a transfer … just to go to a different watch. He works 6p-6a right now and put in for 3p-3a. He realllly wants this change so we are praying it happens!
My sweettttt boy - not fussy - and just chillin!

Mommy and Landon - playing on his Mat

Daddy and Landon

Have a wonderful week!