Saturday, July 10, 2010

Better late than never .... :)

I was told a few days ago “you never wrote about HAVING Landon” … eh  so here goes!!

Monday, April 5th
Billy, Mom and Moi headed to the doc office for a semi routine visit (by semi routine – we knew Landon was breech – had been for like 4 months and NOTHING we tried seemed to work – so we were told on the 5th come in and we will talk about manually turning him or c-section – I was hoping for the turning). I had a headache for the past 2 days and when they checked my blood pressure it was WAY up for me, then when they did the ultrasound to see how big he was they estimated he was 8lbs 10oz – sooo we were informed no go on the turning c-section it would be and because my BP continued to go up they were admitting me NOW. Talk about BP going higher! I was in freak out mode! I had packed a bag but was thinking “yea they will tell me to come in tomorrow or Wednesday for all this” … so the wheelchair came out and off I went to the “birthing floor” as a friend called it ha!! So much for the cookout we had planned ha!

Monitors everywhere – BP still high up and I was told if it did not come down within the hour a c-section would be done that night! So I started chilling out some, BP started going down and all was “ok”. After awhile Billy took Mom out to eat and then back home so she could get some things done for us and for herself then Billy would go back home in the morning to get her.

Billy and I talked all night – he knew I was soooooo nervous!! He let me talk his ear off about the most random topics!! What a great supporter!!

Tuesday April 6th
Billy got up around 5 headed out to get Mom – while they were gone I got super sick (yea I was sick the ENTIRE pregnancy ugh ugh ugh hope the next one is better) and the nurse that came in to prep me – wow she was amazing – holding my hair letting me lean against her :) haha! It was not a cute sight! After my prepping – mom and Billy showed up! Got Billy “suited” up and I was walked back to the delivery room. They told Billy it would be about 5-10 minutes to get me situated and then he could come into the room. WELL … putting the epidural in was a bit more complicated than what I had expected and apparently what the anesthesiologist thought ha! I have scoliosis and on the first “stick” pain shot thru my whole right side and I reached back to slap the needle away – I thought they were going to put me in a straight jacket!! Had a Jacksonville University nursing student holding my hands after that (and I had a head cold still and I was crying from the pain – sooo snot and tears were all over my face and that gal was just wiping them away left and right!!!!) and she would try to shove me backwards so that my back would arch more (kinda hard to do that when you have a exercise ball sitting in your stomach). After the 5th attempt (yea 5 tries and oooohhhh mercy me I was in some pain) the anesthesiologist – who was just an amazing woman – came around said her apologizes for the pain (not their fault by any means – my back has always been an issues and I was totally forewarned about this being an issues regardless of c-section or not) and then tells me she is going to shove me has hard as she can and I am to shove her back – well I’m kinda pissed and hurting at this point so NO PROBLEM!! She shoves … I shove needled apparently went in because my whole body went warm and numb!

WHEW that ordeal over

Up with the “curtain”, in comes a very worried Billy and 16 minutes later they laid Landon on my chest!!!! It was amazing to see him and love on him before he was taken to the nursery! Billy said being in the nursery was the best feeling!! I was sooo thrilled he got to go in there and be with Landon during that time! I felt tugs and pulls and then when they pulled him all the way out it felt like I was on a rollercoaster and it dropped to the bottom super fast – I looked over at the nurse and said “ima throw up” … never seen a lady put in meds in an IV so fast!!

Back in the room I was greeted by Omi (my mom!), Billy and Billy’s best friend Berry. They were all so excited and saying congrats and all I could do was ask for something to throw up in! OHHH how I was so over all that noise ha!! It lasted for about an hour – then all was good!

They brought Landon in to our room that afternoon and we began to love on him right away!! I couldn’t get out of the bed so dealing with the diapers and feeding were on Billy, Mom and at the time Berry hahaha!! Billy changed his first diaper (with SOME help from Omi) and the look on his face was priceless!!

That night we sent Landon to the nursery (we did that each night so that we could get rest! We knew it would be awhile before we would have this chance to sleep alone again!!) and Billy took Mom out to eat again and then back home and he came back to the hospital to stay with me! It was super surreal and both of us, again, talked almost all night haa!!

Wednesday April 7th
The brought Landon back in after his circumcision – he was unhappy for a few hours but calmed down after awhile and was snoozing like a newborn ;). Billy went to change his diaper for the first time after circumcision and kinda freaked out with what he saw and said “nope – can’t change it”. So diaper duty went to Mom!!

That night the lactation consultant came in and we TRIED to the nursing! Landon didn’t want to latch on and after a few hours of him screaming till his face was red I told them I was done with that and to bottle feed after that and I’ll deal with the nursing later. I know that a few people that know who are very adamant about nursing were not impressed with my decision on that but ummm that’s what it is – my decision.

Doc came by and told me that they wanted to keep me till Friday – but I stressed to them that I had tons of help at home and that my mother was a nurse and she could handle me hha!! Sooo they agreed I could go home on Thursday! YAY!! I was able to take a shower – thank ya laud! And slept great that night, Mom stayed that night so that Billy could go take care of some work issues before we came home from the hospital.

Thursday April 8th
Landon passed his hearing test in record time – she said it was a fast time haha! I just like to embellish because I think my kid is pretty dang amazing! HAHA! After that Mom and I started packing up the room and all the goodies we had received over the few days and were ready to hit the road!!

For some random reason when we got in the car and she pulled out of the hospital parking lot I had NO CLUE where I was!! My mind was absolutely mush – soooo we turned right and drove till we saw an overpass haha!! Worked for us!!

The nurses and all the staff treated me sooooo wonderfully! They were also amazing towards Billy and my Mom! Bringing back extra trays of food, brining in extra blankets and pillows, giving them free food coupons to the café … I seriously could go on about how great they were!!! It was very very comforting to know they were taking care of and they didn’t have to worry about much.

I was happy to be home and in my own bed! We kept Landon in our room in a bassinet for the first 2 weeks – after that he slept in the curb! I don’t see how some parents sleep with their kids – every little sound or move I heard come from Landon I would wake up! I had enough of that and off to his bed he went! Billy and I both slept sooo much better after that – and still do!

So there ya have it – a nutshell (ok not really) of what went down getting our lil guy into the world!!