Monday, July 12, 2010

Things I have come to love with a newborn!!

**A variety of things I don’t think I could have made it over the past 3 months without!!**

You aren’t that cute – but man you work amazingly!! The Wubbanub is a bit cutter and your owner had definitely learned to “cuddle” with you!

Words cannot express how much you mean to me! You have saved me a few hours of sleep over the past 3 months and I am so grateful. I do not like the fact that you suck the life out of “D” batteries every 2 weeks … but this is an issue I am willing to overlook if you continue to provide some soothing hours of comfort!

My tag team partner, my rock, my controller of sanity at times, the swaddle master … you are a great Daddy and Husband … I know I would not have made it the past 3 months without you beside me!!

My other mommy-friends
Having another mommy around with kiddos the same age as yours give or take a few months to compare notes with can really be an amazing help. I have many but the handful of you in Jacksonville - you'd be surprised what one phone call in the middle of night can do for my sanity, and I appreciate you all for answering!!

Swaddle Blanket

You worked your wonders for a few weeks – but our little Houdini found his ways out of you. Your services were short but you did a great job! We thank you and look forward to using you in the future with our other lil Abbott’s


How I love the variety of ways to use you! For feeding, for helping Landon sit up, for helping make tummy time more enjoyable for Landon and his parents. We apologize for the dogs dragging you across the floor the few times it happened! And might I add – that non-breast feeders enjoy you just as much! It can difficult feeding a squirming baby and having to be in uncomfy positions – you ease this pain!!

PlaymatOh the hours of joy you have brought to your owner! He loves kicking and hitting you! I'm so glad you can take the beating and keep on working so hard! You provide me with a few hours to get chores done! You are thought of very highly in our house! Sorry about the dog hair

Burp Cloth

you are always on my shoulder – I carry you everywhere (for the most part ok) and you have done your job well! It’s not an easy job – I know how that kid can spitup and drool everywhere. We have about 30 of you guys and your work goes not unnoticed.

Travel System

It is sooo nice to have you around – being able to take Landon from the car to the stroller, car to buggy at walmart/target/winn-dixie/etc, car to house while still sleeping … I’m very grateful for your convenience and ease! Not a bad looking thing either!

Huge Diaper Bag
You will never be looked down on because of your size. I can fit half of Landon’s room in you and still have room for my wallet, keys, phone and chapstick – for this I thank you. I want to apologize to you too for dropping you in the muddle puddle – it won’t happen again!

Target Brand (Up&Up)
Diapers – you amaze me at how much pee you can hold! And the price – whew! I thank you!
Formula – Soy formula is by no means cheap (course any formula isn’t cheap) and we appreciate the quantity and price of you!


You are self explanatory and no words can thank you enough

How we haven’t seen each other in awhile – but when we do it is a joyous reunion and you fill my nights with laughter!

Eye concealer
No sleep = dark eyes for me. Concealer= no dark eyes for me. You work wonders!!!

Gas Drops
WOW … it’s amazing what a 1oz bottle can do for a colicky child! You have saved our sanity a few times!! We will continue to buy you in bulk and pray you continue to live up to your name! And thank you equate for being SO MUCH cheaper!

Shampoo/Body Wash combo.
I love that I do not have to juggle different bottles!! And you smell wonderful Magic Wash.

Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin). Or Aleve.
Or whatever works to cure my headache at the time. Because as much as I love Landon he can give me a headache. And I need a cure. Quickly.

Hot showers
I know I haven’t been conserving you much lately – but those 15 minute hot showers can do an amazing job and gives me back a bit of energy! Not to mention some nice alone time!!

…. I really could go on … maybe a blog #2 will be in the future because I am leaving SO MUCH OUT!!!