Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wonderful Weekend of Reflection

What a great weekend we had! Beach, family fun and good times with great friends! Landon had a good time playing with Coral – she as you can tell is a big girl and doesn’t take much off Landon!! She is a doll and I cannot wait till they can interact more with each other! Landon is really starting to pay attention to others around him … when Billy starts talking he will start looking around for him!! It is soooo cute!!

Landon was trying to get "fresh" with Coral!

He doesn't care for girl's holding his hand apparently!! COOTIES!!

Love their Wubbanubs! 

We went to the beach on Saturday and Landon did great! He slept most of the time there but I think he enjoyed it still :-) Billy grilled for us gals and Jayme was a really brave about diving into the cold ocean water without any hesitation – I had to wait till I was numb!! Jay is having a good time- or so she says ha! And it was been amazing having someone to help us out especially on days I work really late. Not having to worry about who is going to watch Landon for us is a huge weight off of us both!

Me and the sista Jayme

My lil fella!

My two fellas!

Ready for some beach time

Lasted a good 10 minutes then out for the afternoon

Me and my "main" fella!

Six years ago yesterday (7-5-04) I walked away (ok walked away isn’t the right word – carried off on stretcher but lived is better) from an accident that many thought that I was dead in when they arrived at the scene. My Mom included. It was a long and grueling two years to follow after that day and I still have physical “issues” that do not allow me to do things that I once was able to do with ease. I know where I was in my life at that point and I know that God knocked me around to show that he could and to show that I needed to straighten up. He got my attention. He got my attention in many many ways that day. I was never one to take things or people for granted before this wreck and I have certainly not been that person since. It’s amazing what God can do to show you he is in control.

My Kia Sportage ... she had just got a new windshield :(

Kia's are amazing!

Landon is 3 months old today!! I’ll have to get a pic of him today for his 3 month mark :-) and post. I cannot believe he is that old already – hate that expression but it’s true that time does fly!