Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy at the Abbott's

WOW – been one busy busy summer!!!!

Jayme stayed with us for a month - we sooooo appreciated the help she gave us! My summer program went pretty good! It was a long and tiring summer for me – but all turned out well and only 3 kids got kicked out of the program :)

Our little guy is a growing growing growing! He is 4 months old now!! A week before he turned 4 months we had some photos taken! I wanted them near the 3 month mark but … eh! Allison is a friend of our friend Missy’s (they cheered together with ROAR – Jaguar cheerleaders) and we saw some photos she took for Missy and WOW – we loved them! SOOOO – we are going to do our best to do a series 3, 6, 9, and 12 months! Should be fun!!!

Following photos by Allison

He has had a lot of firsts as well! He rolled over, sat in the high chair (not a huge accomplishment but I am proud ha), ate his first baby food (banana oatmeal peach), first outing to the rivermarket and is now trying to prop his knees up under him!! Whew!

Tummy Time and the Rolling :)

Got this highchair from my g/f Laura! He loves it

At the Rivermarket

No like the food!!

Billy got off probation with the police department at the end of July! So exciting! Such a major accomplishment – and now he can work overtime haha!!! I start BACK to grad school the 25th of this month. Very excited about this. Just hope and pray I can do it! Had to take 2 classes to be eligible for financial aid – so whew gonna be busssy!!!!

It’s so amazing to see how much Landon’s growing … and its soo much fun to see my friend’s babies growing too!! Megan’s little boy Liam is 8ish months old and Donna’s little girl Coral is 6ish months old and to see how they are both so active and the different things they do is awesome!! I just watch and learn and then when Landon starts into those things I have two gals I can call on and ask WHY WHY WHY WHY!!! It’s a lot of fun but can be sooo challenging!!


Bib says it all!!

He's like his father - LOVES food network!! Or maybe Guy's awesome hair :)

Right now we are dealing with teething – holy mother of pearl!! We slather his gums with orajel and use the tablets and EVERY once in awhile we throw in some Tylenol to help with the pain. Bless his heart. He gnaws on our fingers, his fingers, and the teething links – and rarely takes a paci! Sleeping is ok right now – he’s been going to bed earlier than what we are used to with him. He’ll go to bed now around 630-7 and sleep till 3, then back down till around 630.
Those fingers stay in his mouth!

From the fingers to the toes :)

A wonderful woman that we had the pleasure of knowing, Mrs. Carolyn, passed away this past Friday. She was a warrior against the breast cancer – she definitely fought her battles with grace, faith and warmness. We didn’t know her for long – but for the 3 years we knew her she always made us feel welcome and at home. Melissa is a great friend of mine and I cannot even begin to imagine what she is going thru – but I thank her for sharing her mother with us! A cure has to be found!!!!

Berry, Ms C and Melissa
A guardian angel!