Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catching up!

WHEW!! What a busy time it has been around here!

My Saturday Sessions have started back up, grad school is going strong, Billy’s working OT on some of his off days, dogs are freaking out a little now that Landon can grab at them and Landon is getting SO BIG!!!

At his 4 month visit he was 13lbs 25inces long ha! He turned 5 months old on Sept. 6th! He is now scooting across the bed – face down screaming normally – but scooting!! Teething slowed down for a week or two and now has picked back up! YAY!! Ohhhh its soo wonderful! He has definitely found his tongue – all day yesterday (9-12-10) at church he was sticking it out and even trying to lick on “Aunt” Jules shoulder! He has also started to do this high pitched screeching sound – I am not a fan. The other day Billy and I had him on the couch with us and Zeus barked at something and Landon jumped and started giggling up a storm! I guess that made Zeus freak out more and he continued to bark and Lan continued to giggle!! It was the funniest thing we had watched in a while!

My besties from Orlando – Mary, Martin and baby Jude - came by on their way to see another friend of ours - Whitney, Graham and baby Henry - in NC. It was a lot of fun to compare “sizes” with Jude (Jdubb) and Landon (Ldubb). Speaking of comparing baby sizes :) our friends Donna and Justin’s lil girl Coral – born Feb 8 – is such a big girl! It’s crazy to see her “army” crawling and pushing herself around (backwards haha) in her walker! AND a big milestone was just hit for them – a tooth came thru last nite! So thrilled for them! It’s is sooo much fun watching all our babies who are just a few months apart grow and I love learning from the mom’s with older kiddos! So much easier with things at times!!!

Already fighting :) HA

Right at 7 weeks apart!

Today is my cousin Mallory’s 19th birthday!!!! I know that I am just a few years **WINK WINK** older than her but WOW – I really cannot believe she is 19!! And such a talented, smart lady she is! Go check her blog out that she is doing now - http://unfortunatefind.blogspot.com/

October 24th we are having Landon’s dedication at our church, Highlands Baptist. Those of you who are locals – please join us! It will be during the 11am service. I’m really excited about this! Such a huge moment in mine and Billy’s journey with Landon! AND we will have a house full of family! I am soooo sad tho that my Dad and my sister cannot make it. We will be seeing them in November tho!

We (along with Landon’s Unk Berry ;) ) took Landon to his first MLB game in Tampa the last weekend in August! Went to see our beloved Red Sox play! We had a great time and Landon did SOOOOO well! Only got loud a few times ha!!! We figured we would be leaving in the 6th inning … he lasted the entire game AND that extra 10th inning! He was definitely a hit in our section! All the other Red Sox fans would high five him!! It was hilarious!! He busted out screaming/crying during a really rough point for the Sox and had our section in hysterics! We all understood his pain at that time!

We love our Red Sox

The boys! Unk B is a Rays fan - we love him anyways!

Watching batting practice

2nd inning nap

We are in LOVE with the ladies that watch him! Our church’s daycare unfortunately closed down before we could use them. My coworker mentioned our need at her church and Rosa and Michelle told her that they would love to help us out and watch Landon on days we need them. Some weeks we don’t go to them at all, maybe 2 days – the most a week 4 days! It’s insane trying to find daycare to work with that schedule! Rosa is the mother, Michelle is the daughter and Michael is the son :) – Landon LOVES Michael! Michelle battled and fought leukemia in 2006. She is an amazing woman and I love talking to her about life! She is unable to go to college right now because of MANY things but she helps in at her church (St Patrick’s) with translation and teaching at their school Spanish! She loves it! Rosa works very part-time with home health. They pretty much take shift duties I have learned with Landon on days! Michael goes to college and when the gals have to run errands he watches Landon! All three are amazing! And I have never met folks like them before!! Landon’s first words will probably be in Spanish! They speak Spanish to him nonstop ha! It’s great!!

Do hope you all have had a great summer! Homework is calling my name!