Saturday, October 9, 2010

Half-way thru the first year

Landon is half way to his first birthday and Billy and I (and the dogs!!) have survived the first half! YAY!! It’s been a fast trip that’s for sure! I have a new found respect for parents – not that I never had respect but a definite NEW one! Especially for the single parents! My g/f is “single” for 2 weeks out of the month and whoa momma … I’m not sure how she does it! but she does and .. KUDDOS DMP =)  I admire you!

It has been so much fun to watch Landon grow/change over the past 6 months! From not unballing his lil body – to rolling over – to sitting up and now wanting to stand! Crawling? We don’t do that around here!!!

He LOVES his baby food! And LOVES to eat a lot of it ha! Not a fan of pears – but loves those prunes! He is starting to hold his bottle longer – then decides that mom/dad can hold it better and passes out (most of the time) while eating! He can grab his spoon and shove it in his mouth – food normally is gone and all over him before it gets to his mouth – but at least he knows where it goes!

Teething is still miserable … poor guy! Just wish a tooth/teefs would pop thru! We buy teething gel and tablets in bulk! They are uuuhhhh-mazing!!! And the teething links - those are nice too! He doesn't do alot of teether things - he does like ice in a rag or something tho! And popsicles! We have a million and 38 links! They are soo useful tho!

I got to chatting with some other moms the other day and I was telling them about consignments shops and the “brands” we use around the house and some were a bit floored that I bought 2nd hand toys, clothes and even formula at a consignment shop. Have you SEEN how much wal-mart/target/babies-r-us charge for some things!? Ohh no ma’m!! lil Lysol and a few washings go along way! And the formula – it’s not like its half full or open! Speaking of the brands – we use all Target Up-and-Up brands for many things! Diapers, formula (Similac Isomil Soy), bottle liners (totally digging the drop-ins! Whew thank ya Donna!!), teething gel, etc … I don’t see an issues with non-brand items! I’ve always used the “equate” version of most everything! Same ingredients – why spend more money!

EH! :) my rant for the week!

In 2 weeks we are going to have a house full for Landon’s dedication at church! My mom, Billy’s mom, gma, sister, brother-n-law and nephew! Whew! I’m excited! I wish my dad and sister could make the trip – but that’s how things go huh! We will get to visit them for a few days in November for some pre-thanksgiving! I hate not seeing my dad often! I’m a daddy’s girl! Always have been that’s for sure!! He drives me up a wall and I drive up further up that wall!! And we both drive mom thru the roof! How I miss my parentals!!

Enjoy the pics – from our 6 month photo shoot!