Monday, November 8, 2010

Walk and Wedding

Our friend's the Dyers invited us to share in the Leukemia Walk in honor of their baby girl Julia (4 years old) who was diagnosed in May with Leukemia. We had a wonderful time and were honored to be a part of this walk for such an amazing cause!!

Ready for the Walk

Riley chattin it up with Landon

Susan and their youngest Riley

Landon was happy :) even with the wind and cold

Julia with her Daddy Will


Our friends Cynthia and Jeff got married :) :) YAY!!! We had a wonderful time - my camera battery was dying so many pictures of the wedding itself and reception didn't turn out well with that and the lighting!! So we got alot of pics of each other

Jeff waiting on his bride

Cynthia's Brother and Mother (Her father passed away on their journey to the USA. Before Cynthia and her brother danced at their reception they had a moment of silence for him and then song they danced to - Luther Vandross's Dance with my Father --- had me in tears!! And I think I can honestly say that there was not a dry eye in there during this dance!! Cynthia is a great person and to share in this specific moment was amazing to me!)


Few tears were shed - it was gorgeous!



Ben and Jackie - they are next!! 2-11-11

My family

Cynthia, Jackie, Moi and Lindsay - amazing women!

The Tonges - minuss lil Landry! Josh and Lindsay 

I was too nervous to hand him over to Cynthia - with that white dress and all :)

Jackie was talkin to Landon - :) I love this photo!!!