Thursday, December 15, 2011


Donna and I ventured down to The Landing to get some photos of the kids with Santa! It was quite entertaining!!

Poor Coral was NOT impressed with the bearded big guy!

Still unsure after a year!

2010 and 2011

Enjoying his candy cane!

Coral :) Such a pretty girl!

I got the dogs a little outfit :) They hated them

We did a small get together for Donna's birthday! We all enjoyed visiting and hanging out - AS ALWAYS!
YAY for CAKE :)

Donna, Nikki, me and Shannon

Landon and Aiden playing!

Next week my parents will be in and my sis is flying in for a few days!! Very much looking forward to having all us Otwell's together for Christmas this year!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Catching up ... again

I needed to do this for myself mainly!!!

Landon turned 20 months on the 6th of December. And when folks ask how old he is we get a vary of responses, but my two fave are “Wow he’s tall” and “Wow he’s skinny – do you feed him” We respond yes and all the time :)
I can't seem to turn the pic - 20 months old

He is starting to put together phrases and continues to talk a lot.

“Daddy’s Shoes”

“Night Night”

“What’s that”

“WHOA” --- which seriously cracks me up every single time he says it


“Beep-Beep” says this when he here’s a horn honk or grabs my keys and says it! We are trying “car” :)

“Titi” – that is our name for Michelle – his nanny.

“Zeus” is becoming clearer – used to be SUS

“Pahbo” – still working on Apollo :D



“STINKY!” – we say this while changing stinky diapers and when we smell our shoes ha!!

“Shoes” --- just like Zeus but there is not a shhhh to it :D

“Ot” – Hot (seems like everything is hot so we are trying ….)

“Toad” – so that is what Cold sounds like to my ears!




“JK” it doesn’t sound juuuust like that but when he is asked to repeat we know! We gotta work Omi in there somehow haha!

“Hi” in the funniest high pitched voice!

“Buh Bye” – that cracks me up too

“No-no” – and he knows when to use it!

“Cooo” – Coral :) his BFF

“Mitey” Mickey

“Choo Choo”

I’m sure I’ll get mad at myself later and remember more!

We don’t live very far from the airport or the military base so there are always planes and helicopters over our area … when he hears one he will run to the door and want to go outside and look up! He points and babbles! It’s great!

We can ask him “where is …” nose, eyes, ears, mouth, head, tummy, shoes (he won’t do FEET) and he will point or pat that area!!! And normally say what part it is!

He loves LOVES to climb on EVERYTHING! He climbed on our TV stand (after pushing his chair to it) scooted across it and started to take our ornaments off the Christmas Tree. AWESOME!

He likes to line things up! Chairs, toys, shoes, WHATEVER he can get ahold of! A few times we will move on or take one of the items away, he gets very upset if it’s out of place and if we took away he starts looking for it!

He has also started patting the front of his pants saying "pee pee" and grabbing his shorts in the back saying "poo poo" ... I'm nervous about this whole potty training thing haha!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taco Soup

So I guess I can cook some things!!


1lb extra lean ground beef
1c chopped red onion
1pkt taco seasoning mix
1pkt ranch salad dressing mix
2 - 15oz cans of corn, drained
1 - 15oz can of pinto beans, drained
1 - 15oz can of black beans,drained
2 - 10oz cans diced tomatoes and green chilies
1 - 15oz can of beef broth

Brown the meat and onions in a large pot together, drain

Combine everything else with the meat/onions

Bring to a boil then simmer for 20 mins (or until you think it's HOT enough :) )

Easy Peasy and I actually  made it :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Is it really November?!

I cannot believe it is already November! 3 paychecks till Christmas break :) YAY!

A few weeks ago I asked my bestie Donna if her little girl Coral - Landon's bestie - would be obliged to take some sweet photos with Landon at this really cute candy shop Sweet Pete's in the historic Springfield area of Jax. And they both accepted. So of course we asked the amazing photographer Allison of Images by Allison to capture our moments!!! Here are a FEW of the fun that day!!

They are so playful at all times with each other

They both weren't sure of the tie


This made me tear up when I saw it for the first time

So we had a great time and if you live in the Jacksonville area please make sure you look up Allison! She is amazing!!

I loved Halloween when I was little - pretty much grew out of it in high school and could have cared less since. BUT THIS YEAR ... WOW! I was soo flippin excited!! I was trying to figure out a costume for Landon and BAM it hit me! Bamm Bamm and I'd be Betty. Too bad Billy had to work :) We (Petty's too) went to the Zoo here in Jacksonville to their annual Spooktacular! Never been - my lord it was packed. WHEW! Coral was a bumble bee - Donna was a Mama bumble bee and Justin ... He was a scottish man :) HA!! It was so much fun!!

She would rather push than ride :) 
We met Pebbles!!

They loved holding hands!

He was done!

Halloween night we went trick or treating with the Petty's and the Sachinski's! We had a pretty good time!! Aiden was a pirate - and he knew what to do! He loved going up to the houses and getting candy! HA!!

Justin was pretty serious about the No Costume :) 

The crew - Coral in Wagon :)

Last night (Nov 3) we joined up with the Dyers to walk in the Light The Night walk - a walk to raise awareness for the LLS. Julia was diagnosed with Leukemia and is currently working her way through it all. Landon's nanny Michelle (or Titi as many know her) is also in remission. So we were definitely walking in honor of BOTH ladies!!! Not many photos but a few cute ones!

Landon and Julia's little sister Riley

My little raver

Lady of the night - Julia

On her Daddy's shoulders!

Their amazing mom/wife - Susan!!!

WHEW! Ok I think this catches us up!!! We have 2 baby showers coming up (one tomorrow one next Sunday) and many many fun things to do!!! Hope all my readers (all 2 of you) are doing great!!

Until next time ....

Monday, October 3, 2011

New things everyday

3 days shy of 18 months old and Landon impresses and shocks me each and every day!!

He is REALLY talking!!
Zeus (sus)
Apollo (pahbo)
Shoes (sus) – we have to make sure he is pointing when both Zeus and Shoes are around.
Mama, Dadda, Pappa (pah), Omi (me), Nana (he’s got that one), Landon (Lannon!!)
Night night
NO :-)
Ball (bah)

You ask “where is your head” and he will point to his head – you ask him where anything is and he points at his head ha! If you say “tummy” he will pat his tummy. If you say shoes he will say “sus” and point at his feet or try to go find them!! Billy has taught him to shake hands – it’s pretty cute! Billy will say “nice to meet you Mr Landon” and Landon will stick his hand out to shake his!! Yesterday I winked at him (Landon that is) and he clinched both eyes shut and scrunched up his nose! It was pretty hilarious! So today we were doing it a lot with him and he just loved it! And he JUST LOVES to buzz his lips and cause spit to go EVERYflippinWHERE!! 

Buzzing our lips :)

Coming back from Church

He is a mover and a shaker! He LOVES to dance so when I’m wore out physically from all his energy – we flip on the music and make up some more moves! He loves the hippity hop :) I think he has been showing Coral some moves too --- I do apologize for that Justin!! BUT She has been showing him how to carry a purse! OH MY!!

They love to play with the SAME toy 

Fun day at the park

In passing I will hear friends/family say they get upset or their feelings get hurt when their hubby/wife cannot get their kid to calm down and after all the work they put in with no calmness the other comes in and the kid just goes right down to sleep or calms down with no issues. Not to belittle anyone --- but what is the problem with this scenario???? The child is asleep … the child is calm. AMEN … you can rest now!! I appreciate anytime Billy walks thru a door and Landon immediately calms down or if he has been fighting sleep with Billy and me can come in and get him to sleep … wow. No upset or hurt feelings here!! And I can firmly say Billy feels the same way. I hate to see my friends/family get upset or feelings get hurt over it all … be thankful!!

In roughly three weeks we will be back home for my 10year high school reunion! Looking forward to that and to seeing family and friends AND new additions!!! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wardrobe and Earinfections

My friend Whitney has some amazing ideas and comes up with some great inspirational items!! She follows a blog The Pleated Poppy and it has a portion of What I Wore on Wednesday! I love it ... and will do my best to follow this! I think THINK it's geared more towards the SAHM's but any mom would enjoy this! I feel it tries to get Mom's out of wearing whats comfortable and not dressing yourself up more .. which we all knows makes you feel better!! So I really thank Whitney for posting about this ... I will do my bestest to stick with this :)

Landon has another ear infection :( this makes #8. The Abbott House has been very cranky! He had been a tad feverish on Sunday - but with teething comes fever so not a second thought was given from Billy and I.  Wednesday our sitter, Titi Michelle - the AMAZING - called to say that he had 103 :( off to the doc office we went. Appointment at 5:15 and we get to see the doc at 6 - what a fun wait that was!! Discover it's not teeth - but yet another ear infection. Get him some antibiotics and the next day he has a rash all over him. Go off the meds and rash goes away but the fussiness is still there! AIYE!! So back on meds - no rash :) YAY!! He slept 13 hours on Saturday and Sunday night and almost 12 on Monday! Has taken 2-3 hour naps the past 2 days!! Appt meds and sleep is what he needs!!!

He and his bestie Coral have been having plenty of play dates here lately and it is so much fun to watch these two play together!!

Playing with playdoh 

They like to share A LOT!!
Not a lot else to share :) We plan on doing an 18 month photo shoot (I can't get enough pics of this little boy!!) soon with Allison! Looking forward to that very much!

OHHH Landon will be Bamm-Bamm for Halloween and I hope to be Betty - if I don't back out!!!

Look out for WEDNESDAY FASHIONS :) HA!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living life from the shoulder up!

By the time we are done having kids maybe I'll be able to put my belongings back out for display without fear. We have pretty much moved all of our living room entertainment furniture into our bedroom - got a new ottoman storage and ousted the FUN TO CLIMB ON AND JUMP OFF OF coffee table.

Baby/Toddler proofing this house is an everyday occurrence. Landon never crawled - so we didn't worry about outlets or doors or cabinets, etc. But when he started running our visits to Babies R Us increased greatly! They knew our faces in the "safety" aisle!

Our first purchases were about a kazillion of the outlet plugs!

They work - but we have to flip them upside down so that Landon can pull them out - YEA he can pull them out if the notch is upright! REALLY!!!!

He then began to climb on the couches, coffee table, chairs, STOVE ... so we had to get a stove guard!


He then began to open the oven doors and the drawer below (and pull every pan out yay!) the oven. As well as the refrigerator. So we got some straps for those appliances ----- and he figured out how to pull them off! 

Not sure I'd recommend them but .... maybe your child won't figure it out!

THEN came playing with the TV buttons --- ours aren't "external buttons" ... they are sensory and you just run your hand over them ... well he loved that game!!!! He loves to push buttons (not only mine and Daddy's but on appliances) ... so the Dish box gets changed alot while you are watching BIG BROTHER!!! So we have three of these beauties!

We had to put locks on all the cabinets in this house along with the drawers. I really hate them! I can never seem to remember they are there when I'm going for the detergent, toilet paper or trash bags!

OHHHH and I'm sure I'm missing something we have PROOFED ... and I"m sure that more will be PROOFED!!!

Again - one day I hope to be able to put my items back up on display without fear :)