Monday, January 24, 2011

9 months

We've reached 9 months .... YAY!!!

It's been a fun journey! A challenge at times but fun! Ok not always fun - times I want to rip my hair out! Times I HAVE to step outside to breathe and "get away" for just a little bit!

So once again the talent/amazing/wonderful/awesome Allison took some photos for us to mark the 9 month mark!

We had a fun time doing these at the library!! Thank goodness it was half empty - we were a bit LOUD :).

School has started back up for me, work is getting busy with conferences and trips. Billy's still working super hard, our paths SOMETIMES cross :) We do greatly enjoy our one on one time - even if it's cleaning out closets haha!!!

One of my fave pics of my boys

Weekend of January 15th Landon and I traveled to Texas to visit Landon's great Aunt Robin and great Uncle Floyd and big cousin Mallory!!! We had a great visit! Coming home was an adventure!! Mallory (the greatest driver freakin ever in the craziest Dallas traffice EVER!!) and US :) left early SUPER early enough to get to the airport .... BOOM ... Dallas had other plans for us!! SOOOO flight boarded at 5:50 - we arrived at 5:52 - no boarding for us because we didn't make it 40 minutes BEFORE flight boarded! UGH! SOOO after having a mini panic attack --- Landon and I were rebooked for the next day and had to spend the night in a hotel near airport! Always an adventure with us :) Photos a lil out of order but :)

Mallory getting used to feeding wee man at EVERY stop :)

Robin the Great! Chopsticks and Bottle duty :)

2 of the greatest folks eva!

Landon sure enjoyed his Auntie

First time for onion soup and he loooooved it!

He adored Sam :)

Coming home

He REALLY LIKED to bang on the window

Not much more going on in our lives :) We are SEMI (well I say WE - mainly me and a few girlfriends) are gearing up for Landon's one year mark :) Lots of planning going down in this house! Billy is just overjoyed haha :)

Enjoy life .....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Busy busy busy

We have been SUPER busy around here!! And this is a kind of LONG blog :)

Landon turned 8 months old Dec 6th

Since the last blog Landon has took his first plane ride, popped two teeth (on the same day whew), learned to sit up with no help after he falls over, starting to pull up on everything - including in his crib AND his 3rd ear infection!!! Not to crazy about the last one! Had his first Christmas and New Years :)

Whew mercy - that was an experience! We flew from  Jax to LR, we had to change planes once in Charlotte, NC. He was awesome IN the airports --- going thru security all the stewardess were "oohhhhin and awweeiinnn" and even offered to hold him while Billy & I got re-dressed! :) He cried/fussed the first 20mins of both flights to LR. The people around us were soooo nice and tried to help as well! A seasoned Mom behind us told us to get over it haha! She said "if they are upset with you they don't have children" :) Loved that lady!! Coming home we flew out of Fayeteville. Again first 20 mins he was fussy but like on the flights home he passed out and slept!! Coming home was alot better tho. We were able to sit in the back of the plane!!! Changing a baby in the bathroom is unreal! I apparently hadn't locked the door and bent down to change him (because NO changing tables are built for anyone that is TALL) and my butt knocked open the door and a guy was standing there --- good stuff. I said I didn't want to do it again - but in January Landon and I will be going to Dallas to visit our cousin and favorite Mallory ever!!! No tag team partner so I'm a bit nervous!!!

Getting ready to fly for the first time

We had a wonderful time back home. We didn't get to see everyone we wanted to see but we did get to visit with some great friends and they got to meet our lil man! AND we got to meet our friend Kate's lil boy Braxton for the first time!!  

Slideshow from the Thanksgiving Trip

Christmas was fun! We only bought Landon two toys to unwrap - I mean come on he has no clue what's going on and I don't care to have a million more toys around the house right now!! He enjoyed the wrapping paper! He ate most of it! We had Christmas lunch with our neighbors and great friends, the Petty's. Billy had to work that afternoon :( But at least he was home to open presents with Landon :)

Slide show of Christmas Day

We also traveled up to Birmingham to see Billy's sister Julie and family. It was a rough trip! On the way up there Landon was fussy but we figured it was the drive ... 2am Saturday morning he had a 104 fever :( :( I was freaking out!! We ended up taking him to Julie's family pediatrician. We were told 3rd ear infection :( He was very cranky for most of the trip but after the meds he was given and for sleeping 18 hours :) He was ready to play!!! So we did Christmas with Parkers and he and his big cousin Jackman had some fun :)

Bham Slide Show

Our photographer Allison has done some amazing things again :) We asked for Christmas pictures on the beach :) They turned out AMAZING!!!!!! here are a few - as she takes a millllion pics :)

Billy worked New Years Eve so Landon and I traveled to see Jude and his parents, Mary and Martin :) :) We had a great time! Those photos are in the next slide show :)


Random December Photo Slideshow :)

 We had a wonderful year!!! Very  much looking forward to the new year!!!

HAPPY 2011