Monday, January 24, 2011

9 months

We've reached 9 months .... YAY!!!

It's been a fun journey! A challenge at times but fun! Ok not always fun - times I want to rip my hair out! Times I HAVE to step outside to breathe and "get away" for just a little bit!

So once again the talent/amazing/wonderful/awesome Allison took some photos for us to mark the 9 month mark!

We had a fun time doing these at the library!! Thank goodness it was half empty - we were a bit LOUD :).

School has started back up for me, work is getting busy with conferences and trips. Billy's still working super hard, our paths SOMETIMES cross :) We do greatly enjoy our one on one time - even if it's cleaning out closets haha!!!

One of my fave pics of my boys

Weekend of January 15th Landon and I traveled to Texas to visit Landon's great Aunt Robin and great Uncle Floyd and big cousin Mallory!!! We had a great visit! Coming home was an adventure!! Mallory (the greatest driver freakin ever in the craziest Dallas traffice EVER!!) and US :) left early SUPER early enough to get to the airport .... BOOM ... Dallas had other plans for us!! SOOOO flight boarded at 5:50 - we arrived at 5:52 - no boarding for us because we didn't make it 40 minutes BEFORE flight boarded! UGH! SOOO after having a mini panic attack --- Landon and I were rebooked for the next day and had to spend the night in a hotel near airport! Always an adventure with us :) Photos a lil out of order but :)

Mallory getting used to feeding wee man at EVERY stop :)

Robin the Great! Chopsticks and Bottle duty :)

2 of the greatest folks eva!

Landon sure enjoyed his Auntie

First time for onion soup and he loooooved it!

He adored Sam :)

Coming home

He REALLY LIKED to bang on the window

Not much more going on in our lives :) We are SEMI (well I say WE - mainly me and a few girlfriends) are gearing up for Landon's one year mark :) Lots of planning going down in this house! Billy is just overjoyed haha :)

Enjoy life .....