Monday, February 21, 2011

10 months and full of energy

Our February has been a very busy, hectic, fun and emotional.

Our lil guy turned 10 months old February 6th. He totally loves to explore this world of his! He is taking steps more and more each day! I bet he is running by the time my parents get here in March! He loves chasing the dogs in his walker - the dogs do not like this as much as he does!

I think I can mention this and not get in trouble - I'll try to be discreet just in case they do not care that I am mentioning it :) ..... 3 great friends of mine are expecting!! So far we have a boy for sure (YAY S&J!!) the other two haven't found out yet! C, L and S I wish you all the greatest pregnancies!

WELL our friends Justin and Donna's little girl Coral turned ONE!! These three (and their dog Rusty!) have become a huge part of our lives and our more like family to us than friends! It was great to share this big day with them (and it was Justin's bday too!!)

Coral's Aunt April made this cake for her!

Coral and her Mermaid look-a-like

Justin, Donna and Coral

Our friends Nikki and Jeff's little boy Aiden turned ONE as well -- however due to Landon being ICKY and me still feeling NASTY we didn't attend his PARTAY!!! :(

Jackie and Ben FINALLY got married!! 15ish years in the making! We were so honored to be a part of their big day! Jackie was gorgeous - Ben was handsome - Wedding was wonderful!

I love this photo of them!

Florida outdoor weddings - beautiful


The Rustine's

We were missing Linds!

My favorite pic of Jackie all night!!!

Looking forward to the next few months! My BIRTHDAY :), IRISH DAY, My parents coming in for a week, Billy's family coming in, LANDON's FIRST BIRTHDAY .... whew!! I'm super tired just thinking about a lot of the stuff coming up ha!!

Our church family has suffered a loss this month. One of the youth members, Josh, was critically injured in a soccer game at his school and after much surgery and "all" that the doctors could do, God wanted him to come home. My heart breaks for the kiddos at my church. These are some great kids and they are so heart broken over the loss of their dear friend. His grandmother, Jo, has a very special place in my heart - she takes such great care of Landon on Sundays! Please be in prayer for Josh's family, our church and our youth group.

Thank you all for the prayers thus far!!!!