Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11 months and growing ....

In 15 days Landon will be ONE.
I kinda want to cry.
It's been very short year yet long at times!

March 6, 2011
He loves to eat grass ... or anything that will go in his mouth!

He has started walking A LOT! He will take a good 15-20 steps on his own - then figure out no one is there with him and he will sit down and do this weird drag/crawl :)

I'm not much into THROWING shindigs that require decor :) so his party has been ummm "fun". I know it really doesn't matter to an extent ... but I am ready to see him smash a cake :)

SOOOO I turned him around (his car seat that is) in his car Sunday evening --- on the news Monday morning are there new "suggestions" that they should stay rear-facing till 2 years old. About 6 of my friends told me this ........ WELLLLLLLL he's "leggy" so we were running outta room - and it's only a suggestion RIGHT :)

We have gone from formula to milk and MOSTLY bottle to sippy cup! Pretty excited about the milk part :)

Not alot to say really :) Just a few photos to put up!!

Landon was a lobster in the Children's Drama at Church!

Day at the Zoo with Coral and Donna

Sunscreen hair

Coral :)

End of the visit

Happy Early Birthday :)

My lil leprechaun