Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well our little guy celebrated HIS big day with around 50+ people! It was a grand time! Mimi and Nana were able to make it in! We were super glad to have them here as well! Very few pics from the party! I have so many .... :)
Loverly Banner I made

The Cat in the Hat :)

Landon's Very Own Cake

We had just sang Happy Birthday to him! Michelle is his Nanny - Titi Michelle

The wreathe I made (with Mom and Billy's help)

He DESTROYED his cake :)

It was a great time - he got too much stuff! We are so blessed to have such amazing friends that are like second family to us! Makes things so much easier during the tuff times we have without family being near!

I'm super behind in school ... not so sure about all this. 

19 weeks till we are on a plane for BOSTON! :) I'm so flippin excited! FENWAY PARK!!!! Enough said!

Enjoy the weekend ....