Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am so bad about updating this thing!


Seems like yesterday I was rushed up to L&D for what would begin an awesome, nerve racking evening! Next day baby boy was here! It has been a trying year --- ear infections are the devil. We have had 7 and boy are they no fun! Something that should be told to “soon-to-be” parents is that you may have to try out 7-130 different brands of formula before you find the right one! What fun that was!

It’s so neat to watch him grow – figuring out his body on his own has been WEIRD to say the least but funny too! When our parents see him and watch him they will say things like “Billy did that too..” “Annie gave me the same look ..” … I love hearing that!

We are having his birthday on the 10th … super excited! I’ve tried hard not to go overboard with it all – I mean he has no clue! It’s more for me and Billy having survived the first year! And we are crazily wanting another lil Abbott soon!

My parents were in this past week to help with Landon while I was gone on trips for work. Pretty sure he wore them smooth out! I didn’t get to spend much time with them but I do know they greatly enjoyed their visit with Landon and Billy. We did a small cupcake smashing with them since they won’t be able to be here for his party. I think my Dad greatly enjoyed that! This coming weekend Billy’s side will be in for the party! It’ll be nice to have family down for this event!

I have a pro/con list going on some things I’d like to change in my educational/career life right now. I feel I’m in a rut yet know I’m not! I have my days! Billy is doing great in his line of work! It has been nerve racking to me lately tho with many officers being shot and killed. I try not to personalize it but it is hard not to at times. He loves his job – and he is ready to start exploring other divisions! I’m super proud and happy for him!! He works so hard to provide for us and we love him very much for it!

We took a boat ride/beach trip with our friends --- Coral and Landon got some play time in!

I’ll try not to lag on the updating for those of you who actually read this!!