Friday, May 27, 2011

One Year Down...

WELLL the big day came and went and it was perfect! We celebrated a week earlier with my parents Omi and Pappa. We broke Landon in with a cupcake :) He had a ball until he realized it was gone!!!

His actually birthday he spent with his Titi Michelle and Lita Rosa! They got him the cutest cupcake cake doggie!! So cute!! They are tooooooo good to us! Such a blessing. 

On the 10th we had his birthday party! I was SHOCKED at how many people showed up! I was not expecting that many but wow! It was great! Around 55 people came by and many stayed for CAKE TIME!! Landon received TOO MANY gifts --- he loves playing with them all :) We are so grateful to have so many dear friends in our lives that we have come to know! It's amazing the people that God places in your life!

Titi Michelle

Unsure :)

Landry, Landon and Coral (green dress) enjoying the tissue paper

Coral loves to dominate the seating in the house :)


He threw it everywhere

What an amazing, challenging, wonderful, learning experience year it has been!! From colic to rashes to ear infections (6!!) to walking to climbing on the stove! :)

Things I could not have lived without:

My rock, my best friend, my hubby Billy - whew mercy! I have a new found respect for single parents. When we found out we were pregnant so many people told us "your lives our over" - "you have to plan around the baby for EVERYTHING" - "no more date nights" - "the first two weeks are the hardest" (OK THAT ONE was a lie --- it's more like the first 2 months!!!) ---- all this chatter quite annoyed us! As we grew with Landon and learned him and he learned us we became one awesome family that didn't have all the right answers but we sure did take care of each other! And we still had date nights - our lives were not and are not over - and we didn't do much scheduling around Landon (that part some friends are still annoyed with but eh).



THE DOGS :) At times it was a burden to have to "deal" with them and Landon but those late sleepless nights were nice to have them come over and lay on your feet :) Especially the nights when Billy worked and it was just me at home with them and Landon!

Blackout Curtains - underneath regular curtains just adds to the darkness :) Pretty sure for the first 6 months we lived in a cave - still do at times!! One of the greatest things in his room!

Box Fan - helped to soothe Landon and helped me (US!) deal with the "let him cry it out" nights!! It truly has been great - maybe a little to relied on but great nonetheless!!

PARENTS - from PLEASE COME STAY WITH US BECAUSE WE NEED SLEEP - to fun family visits!!! And an awesome thank you to my Mom for coming to watch Landon for us for the week when we were in a bind with sitter and me out of town and Billy working!!!! AMEN!!!

FRIENDS!! Too many to name ... but mercy! Had it not been for the mommy friends who had babies older than Landon I may not have handled some situations that were thrown at me very well! For the friends who do not have kids - I appreciated the date nights :) and the "chill out" conversations!!

Coworkers - Understanding coworkers! Bringing Landon to work some days was just a blessing! Having the leadership and guidance of those seasoned mom's was and still is amazing! I was never given grief with my "trial and error" method (was from some but never from them!!). From diapers to formula :) an amazing office I work in :) :)

WHEW - ok there is much being left out as well as many people!! But I thank you all -- you know who you are!!

I didn't post :) HA!! Billy and I celebrated 4 years of marriage yesterday! YAY!!!! We had a blast and our anniversary week continues throughout the weekend :) We will also be taking some photos on Saturday by the great Allison - so stay tuned :)