Friday, August 5, 2011

Catching Up

The summer has gone and continues to go fast for us!
Landon at the beach in June

Lil sandy-critters! 

Lots of friends are pregnant -- soon to have babies, just finding out and one g/f just had her baby! It's in the water!! For now we don't want any of that water! :)

Landon will be 16 months on the 6th of August. WOW -- It blows us away that he is that old! We have been chatting about potty training! YIKES! Going to try to do that around Christmas time when I have 2 weeks off!

He amazes us daily. He says "mama" "dada" "baaa" = ball "eeeee" = cheese when I take a photo "baby". He points to his head when you ask him where it is - we have tried nose, mouth, etc but he still points at his head ha!! He RUNS everywhere! Loves to be chased!! He loves to dance -- my students I work with like to make sure he is up to date with the hip-hop! :)

He is also THROWING TANTRUMS!!!! We are no fans of that crap. He head-butted me the other night and bloodied my nose. I went black for a few minutes ... Billy had to take him AWAY! My face still hurt the next day! Whew mercy!

We had a shrimp boil for the 4th of July - Downey's came up from St Cloud! It was a good visit!!! Lots of food and fireworks ha!!

Miss Coral 
Coral, Landon and Aiden

Mary, Moi and Amy (will have baby Lillian in Dec!!!)

Moi, Landon, Jude and Mary Jo

 The last few photos are just some random ones that I find too cute to not share to my 3 readers :) HA!!

Reading his bulletin at church - notice the lip "kiss" marks! He is loved by those ladies!

He found that the glass door at work is fun :)

Jude and Landon August 2011

Safety first

Daddy cut his hair!! June 2011

On the phone and has the remote ....
Looking forward to our trip to BOSTON at the end of August! Fenway Park :) :)