Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wardrobe and Earinfections

My friend Whitney has some amazing ideas and comes up with some great inspirational items!! She follows a blog The Pleated Poppy and it has a portion of What I Wore on Wednesday! I love it ... and will do my best to follow this! I think THINK it's geared more towards the SAHM's but any mom would enjoy this! I feel it tries to get Mom's out of wearing whats comfortable and not dressing yourself up more .. which we all knows makes you feel better!! So I really thank Whitney for posting about this ... I will do my bestest to stick with this :)

Landon has another ear infection :( this makes #8. The Abbott House has been very cranky! He had been a tad feverish on Sunday - but with teething comes fever so not a second thought was given from Billy and I.  Wednesday our sitter, Titi Michelle - the AMAZING - called to say that he had 103 :( off to the doc office we went. Appointment at 5:15 and we get to see the doc at 6 - what a fun wait that was!! Discover it's not teeth - but yet another ear infection. Get him some antibiotics and the next day he has a rash all over him. Go off the meds and rash goes away but the fussiness is still there! AIYE!! So back on meds - no rash :) YAY!! He slept 13 hours on Saturday and Sunday night and almost 12 on Monday! Has taken 2-3 hour naps the past 2 days!! Appt meds and sleep is what he needs!!!

He and his bestie Coral have been having plenty of play dates here lately and it is so much fun to watch these two play together!!

Playing with playdoh 

They like to share A LOT!!
Not a lot else to share :) We plan on doing an 18 month photo shoot (I can't get enough pics of this little boy!!) soon with Allison! Looking forward to that very much!

OHHH Landon will be Bamm-Bamm for Halloween and I hope to be Betty - if I don't back out!!!

Look out for WEDNESDAY FASHIONS :) HA!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living life from the shoulder up!

By the time we are done having kids maybe I'll be able to put my belongings back out for display without fear. We have pretty much moved all of our living room entertainment furniture into our bedroom - got a new ottoman storage and ousted the FUN TO CLIMB ON AND JUMP OFF OF coffee table.

Baby/Toddler proofing this house is an everyday occurrence. Landon never crawled - so we didn't worry about outlets or doors or cabinets, etc. But when he started running our visits to Babies R Us increased greatly! They knew our faces in the "safety" aisle!

Our first purchases were about a kazillion of the outlet plugs!

They work - but we have to flip them upside down so that Landon can pull them out - YEA he can pull them out if the notch is upright! REALLY!!!!

He then began to climb on the couches, coffee table, chairs, STOVE ... so we had to get a stove guard!


He then began to open the oven doors and the drawer below (and pull every pan out yay!) the oven. As well as the refrigerator. So we got some straps for those appliances ----- and he figured out how to pull them off! 

Not sure I'd recommend them but .... maybe your child won't figure it out!

THEN came playing with the TV buttons --- ours aren't "external buttons" ... they are sensory and you just run your hand over them ... well he loved that game!!!! He loves to push buttons (not only mine and Daddy's but on appliances) ... so the Dish box gets changed alot while you are watching BIG BROTHER!!! So we have three of these beauties!

We had to put locks on all the cabinets in this house along with the drawers. I really hate them! I can never seem to remember they are there when I'm going for the detergent, toilet paper or trash bags!

OHHHH and I'm sure I'm missing something we have PROOFED ... and I"m sure that more will be PROOFED!!!

Again - one day I hope to be able to put my items back up on display without fear :) 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Think I'll go to Boston ...

And we did! However Hurricane Irene decides to go that way as well! We left on Saturday and Sunday Irene was tracked to hit our area of Boston! We had tickets to the Red Sox v A's game on Sunday afternoon - we just knew we weren't going to be able to go :( BUT THEN ......... they moved the game to Saturday evening - so as long as we weren't delayed flight wise we were GOLDEN! Head to the game after a refresh at the hotel ---- only to be stuck in the rain! We sat in a bar for 4 hours waiting to find out if we would be able to go to the game or not ... 4 hours with a toddler ... we were being selfish and had MONSTAH FEVAH!!! The waitress did get us a game ball :) 

As soon as we were about to throw in the towel and cry our way back to the hotel I read on their site that they were letting Game 2 ticket holders into the last portion of Game 1 (someone didn't want to give out refunds). We paid and pretty much ran down to the gate!!! And BOOM ... we are in the greatest park EVAH!!!

Isn't she beautiful!
" as we walk to Fenway Park in Boston town
to that baseball park
between the streets
of Jersey and Landsdown"

Happier times in the bar - probably 20 mins into our 4 hour stay

Inside the park --- my baby passed out and one on his way there!

EH :) I was too giddy

He hated us

I cannot express how thrilled I was

So ready to go

We didn't get to stay long (next time we visit one of the grandparents will need to travel here so we can go ALONE ha) because it began to rain again - but we did get to sing "SWEET CAROLINE" --- I could have died!

That night it took us a LONG time to get Landon to go to sleep --- about an hour after he passes out the alarm in our hotel goes off - lights flashing - siren blaring - voice comes over "please evacuate the building, please evacuate the building". I jumped up threw open the curtains (i assumed it had to do with the hurricane and wasn't about to evacuate OUTSIDE) yelled at Billy to get up - we grabbed our wallets, shoes, Landon and blanket and stumbled to the stairs --- INTO THE RAIN WITH NO JACKETS!!! Sweet couple gave us their umbrella (they had jackets) to use with Landon. Come to find out - alarm was set off in the pub attached to our hotel --- no biggie go back inside! 

Sunday all public transportation was shut down in Boston ... no bueno. So we decided to walk as far as we could. It was raining JUST enough to annoy you. So we got our ponchos and headed out!

We kept him like this pretty much all day while out -- it worked and was way cheaper than the covers you can buy for a stroller :) We got LOTS of looks and compliments ha!!
That night we ate a nice pub (what we later discovered was the oldest pub in America *pub tavern*) and  we all three enjoyed ourselves!!!

Our little hunk 
Monday there was no sign of there ever being any type of storm! We got up at 630 and didn't come back to hotel till around 9pm. It was a long fun filled day!!! We rode the trolley around the city to check out places to take the subway back to! Very neat trolley ride around that beautiful city! 

Checking out the ducks that were swimming by

Trolley Ride

Just loved these buildings!!!

Nap on the trolley in 70 degree weather - SCORE!!!
After our trolley ride we headed to ..... THE SAMUEL ADAMS BREWERY!! Billy was in heaven! It was neat - wayyy smaller than I had imagined

After the tour we went to a few other historical sites and then we basically wondered all over the city! Catching subway when we go tired of walking! Landon wasn't sure about riding the subway at first but soon figured out that the "crazy" people on them were fun to wave at! AIYE!

Landon's first carousel ride!!

Billy got his lobster dinner :)

2nd ride on the carousel before going back to hotel

We had a wonderful time despite the weather the first two days --- glad we went and didn't back out because of the weather! It was a great trip! We enjoyed every minute of it!