Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living life from the shoulder up!

By the time we are done having kids maybe I'll be able to put my belongings back out for display without fear. We have pretty much moved all of our living room entertainment furniture into our bedroom - got a new ottoman storage and ousted the FUN TO CLIMB ON AND JUMP OFF OF coffee table.

Baby/Toddler proofing this house is an everyday occurrence. Landon never crawled - so we didn't worry about outlets or doors or cabinets, etc. But when he started running our visits to Babies R Us increased greatly! They knew our faces in the "safety" aisle!

Our first purchases were about a kazillion of the outlet plugs!

They work - but we have to flip them upside down so that Landon can pull them out - YEA he can pull them out if the notch is upright! REALLY!!!!

He then began to climb on the couches, coffee table, chairs, STOVE ... so we had to get a stove guard!


He then began to open the oven doors and the drawer below (and pull every pan out yay!) the oven. As well as the refrigerator. So we got some straps for those appliances ----- and he figured out how to pull them off! 

Not sure I'd recommend them but .... maybe your child won't figure it out!

THEN came playing with the TV buttons --- ours aren't "external buttons" ... they are sensory and you just run your hand over them ... well he loved that game!!!! He loves to push buttons (not only mine and Daddy's but on appliances) ... so the Dish box gets changed alot while you are watching BIG BROTHER!!! So we have three of these beauties!

We had to put locks on all the cabinets in this house along with the drawers. I really hate them! I can never seem to remember they are there when I'm going for the detergent, toilet paper or trash bags!

OHHHH and I'm sure I'm missing something we have PROOFED ... and I"m sure that more will be PROOFED!!!

Again - one day I hope to be able to put my items back up on display without fear :)