Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wardrobe and Earinfections

My friend Whitney has some amazing ideas and comes up with some great inspirational items!! She follows a blog The Pleated Poppy and it has a portion of What I Wore on Wednesday! I love it ... and will do my best to follow this! I think THINK it's geared more towards the SAHM's but any mom would enjoy this! I feel it tries to get Mom's out of wearing whats comfortable and not dressing yourself up more .. which we all knows makes you feel better!! So I really thank Whitney for posting about this ... I will do my bestest to stick with this :)

Landon has another ear infection :( this makes #8. The Abbott House has been very cranky! He had been a tad feverish on Sunday - but with teething comes fever so not a second thought was given from Billy and I.  Wednesday our sitter, Titi Michelle - the AMAZING - called to say that he had 103 :( off to the doc office we went. Appointment at 5:15 and we get to see the doc at 6 - what a fun wait that was!! Discover it's not teeth - but yet another ear infection. Get him some antibiotics and the next day he has a rash all over him. Go off the meds and rash goes away but the fussiness is still there! AIYE!! So back on meds - no rash :) YAY!! He slept 13 hours on Saturday and Sunday night and almost 12 on Monday! Has taken 2-3 hour naps the past 2 days!! Appt meds and sleep is what he needs!!!

He and his bestie Coral have been having plenty of play dates here lately and it is so much fun to watch these two play together!!

Playing with playdoh 

They like to share A LOT!!
Not a lot else to share :) We plan on doing an 18 month photo shoot (I can't get enough pics of this little boy!!) soon with Allison! Looking forward to that very much!

OHHH Landon will be Bamm-Bamm for Halloween and I hope to be Betty - if I don't back out!!!

Look out for WEDNESDAY FASHIONS :) HA!!!